Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Second First Day of Scool

(Suggested music - Waterfall - Jim Brickman)

Today was the first day of school for the middle school and the high school. Josh was up early because he has Show Choir zero hour. He is really excited about Show Choir this year. Most of his best friends are in the choir, so it's just one big party every day. I love Josh because he's so cheerful in the morning.
Peter was the next one up this morning. He came down and ate French Toast with Josh before he left. I guess he's getting used to his early morning schedule. He fixed the tires on his bike and they were still holding up. He was very happy about that! I finally trimmed his bangs this morning too. They were driving me crazy.
Joseph was the next one up. He came down half asleep and said, "What happened to Show Choir, Josh?" This was still before Josh had to leave. Josh and I chuckled because Joseph is so out of it when he first wakes up. We patiently explained that it wasn't time to leave yet, but we could tell that it was all a mystery to Joseph. Ha ha He does wake up and become cheerful, but it takes him a bit.
Jesse was the next one up. She is a busy body in the morning, scuryying around, all organized and cute and ready. She is the one that gets everybody out the door - not by assignment, but by nature. It's not pleasant; but on the other hand, what would we do without her? :)
Mary was up at the same time as Jesse. She looked so cute in her plaid shorts and pink shirt that we got in Park City. As you can see, plaid is in!! Mary stirs around and gets ready on time too. She is so excited about starting at the Middle School. Wahoo!

I never got a picture of Libby this morning, because she was in the bathtub until about five minutes before we went to the bus. We got her up too late. She ate her plate of French Toast in the truck on the way to the bus, and ran and got on the bus in her stocking feet with her shoes in her hand. Ah... we need to work on that.

I love this picture! We have the cutest kids in the world. Off to school they go!

I wish I had a video of my neighbor (and friend) saying good-bye to her first grader (and youngest child) at the bus stop this morning. I was parked right behind her, waiting for the bus, and I could see her face framed in the driver's side mirror. I was struck in that moment by how beautiful she looked. Soon I saw her reach her arm out and beckon her six year old over to the car. He climbed up on the running board, and she caressed the side of his face. Soon the car door was open, and he was sitting on her lap. Then I could see his smiling face in the driver's side mirror. Man, I wished I had my camera. Soon the bus came and he was off, climbing on the bus with his older brother. She waited until the bus left. I saw one glimpse in the mirror of a not-so-composed face, but as she drove off, she looked fine - beautiful, as she always is.

I wonder if one could take a gauge of all Mothers' hearts on the morning of the first day of school, what would it read? How deep would the gauge have to measure? If their feelings are anything close to how I felt, watching those cute, cute children of mine climb on the bus, and especially after watching my friend send her baby off to school, the gauge would have to be deep indeed.

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