Sunday, February 28, 2010

We made it!

We made it through the long, cold winter! I don't like winter. I don't like anything about it, except that it makes you appreciate the other seasons more. I love to see January and February go! I must say though, that we've had very mild weather in Jan and Feb, and quite a bit of sun, so I haven't had the "winter blues" as much as I've had in the past. I also think that essential oils have helped a lot too.

So much has been happening. I'm so glad I have a few minutes on this Sunday to write.

Joshua sang with the MAD Boys last week at a youth missionary fireside for the Stake. They sang an arrangement of "Be Still My Soul". It was stunning, it was so beautiful. At midnight on the night before, they practiced it a few last times at our house. So I got to sit in the piano room and listen to these six boys (Josh, Jancen, Connor C, Braiden, Sterling and Connor O) sing this beautiful hymn. Listening to music live is different than hearing it on a recording, or even through a microphone. There is a different feel, a different energy. Having learned more about energy and frequency since starting with essential oils, I understand more about why it's so different. I told Josh after his friends had left, "I'm the luckiest Mom in the world!"

Tomorrow he is singing with Jancen, Connor and Sterling for a Solo and Ensemble Festival at the High School. They are singing Prayer of the Children by Kurt Bestor. They are going to rehearse tonight, so I get a personal concert again tonight!

Joseph and Jesse got their patriarchal blessings recently. What a treat that was for them and for Bruce and I. There was no doubt that each blessing was exactly tailored for each one individually. I was so grateful for the Lord's revelation to our Patriarch.

Today in Church, Libby bore her testimony. She does this every testimony meeting, and it's just wonderful. Today I followed her, and then a little later, Jesse went up and bore her testimony about prayer. She said that no matter how hard her day has been, she can kneel down and pray when she gets home, and she is able to communicate with Heavenly Father and feel His love for her. Soon after that, Joseph got up and bore his testimony. He said that he has a picture in his room of the Savior with the sheep around Him, and one His shoulder. Joseph said that he often feels like he is the lamb on the Savior's shoulders, and that he is being carried and supported by the Savior. He also thanked Jesse for her example. Soon after that, Mary got up and bore her testimony too, also thanking Jesse for her great example. Jesse next to me was shaking, she was crying so hard. I was about to loose it - you know when you're crying so hard that you're going to embarrass yourself by making a loud noise - well, that was me.

Nothing makes me happier than to hear my children bear their testimony. They could win state in soccer, they could win the finest piano competition, they could get a 36 on the ACT and have 4.0's, but it would not make me happier than to hear their genuine testimonies shared. Thank you for doing that today!

Joseph turned 16 in January! He has yet to go on a date... Maybe he could use some good ribbing from his cousins to get him to go on one!

Josh went on a date with Hailey to the Tip-Off Dance at the High School.

They gathered at our neighbors house for pictures.
Afterwards, we got a shot of the Moms, and Joseph!
After that, they blindfolded the girls and told them they were taking them out to eat. The destination was two wall tents that were set up in the front yard of some friends.

It was decorated beautifully, with a fountain, plants, and a gorgeous table setting.

Josh and Hailey had a good time, and the dinner made for a memorable night!