Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I'm just loving the Olympics! This is the one time of the every-other-year that I sit down and watch TV for hours on end. Watching Michael Phelps win all his races, including that incredible 400-free relay - holy cow - has been so exciting! And it was great to watch the men's gymnastics last night.

I have a new favorite quote - it's from the Texan Jonathan Horton, when it was apparent that the USA men's team would take the bronze in gymnastics. In one of those candid camera shots he looked at the camera and exulted, "We're goin' swimmin' in the river tonight!"

What a classic!

And my favorite commercials?

The AT&T "no bars" ones are hands-down the best, especially the "spending the weekend in the hostel with the Techno-Twins. Wohoo!", and the "nobody told us about the beaches in Spain" commercial.

Second place goes to the Chevy commercial with the gas pump playing mean tricks on everyone's cars, especially the one where it unhooks the boat. Very funny!

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wenderful said...

I am typing this in front of the TV watching men's swimming. We also spend every evening together watching the games in their entirety. We love it. But, honestly, isn't men's swimming getting just a tad bit predictable? I mean, I can appreciate that Michael Phelps is an incredible specimen of speed and finesse. But, I mean, if he's a competitor in an event, who do you think is going to get gold? I rather enjoy watching 41-year old mother Dara Torres taking care of all of her racemates and then turning around and win her event. I can really appreciate her!