Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School

It's the first day of school for Peter and Libby! Their school starts a week earlier than the older kids'.

How is it that you can want to jump up and down and shout hooray,

and want to cry at the same time.
I just want to take their cute little faces in my hands and kiss their cheeks. I'll have to wait a few more hours to do that.

But off they go! Thankfully they have a great school.

And they are still young enough to be very excited about the first day!

Whew - and some peace and quiet for Mom.
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Julianne said...

i sat and cried when i saw your entries about the kids going to school, the pictures are so great!!! and your choice of music is great Lor, you have a fantastic blog. before you know it you will be helping little libby with her wedding like i am with whitney. i love you lots