Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Bells Are Ringing

This post should have been published a week ago on 12-7-14.

Bruce and I got to see Josh in concert with the King's Singers. 

It was awesome!  It was a huge production.  I think the only thing that could have beat it would have been to be at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert in the Conference Center.  We are getting closer to Zion!

We got a ride over with Aunt Michelle's two sisters, Tamara and Kirsten, and then we got a ride back with Laren, Caralee, Devin and Ashley.  It was SO fun to catch up with them!  They are great people.  They have abundance flowing to them all the time.  It is amazing to see what they attract.  Good, good people.

Our truck batteries have both died, so now we have to jump start the truck every time.  And no money for another week to replace them.  Ah, the joys of having one car.
Peter has been singing to himself the songs from the Nashville Tribute Band concert we went to a few weeks ago.  Today he sang some words that talked about Jesus, "And He healed me..."  We also listen to the songs every morning on the way to the bus.

Libby went and took a shower on her own without being asked.  Starch my shorts, what is going on in this family?!

Mary had a fantastic missionary experience yesterday with Alexis, a non-member friend from Madrigals.  Mary asked her to be in a group that is singing the musical number at the Morningside for Seminary on Dec 12th.  She said yes.  The practices have brought her to our house, and she and another boy from Mads, Connor, talked to Alexis for over three hours about the gospel.  It was randomly brought up, but she started asking questions, and it went from there.  She said that when she comes to our house she feels light, and Connor said the same thing.  If that isn't the coolest feeling in the world, I don't know what is.  I am SO grateful for that protection and light that surrounds us.  She did end up giving her a Book of Mormon, and she has already started to read it.  It was really a fantastic experience!

I have been praying and thinking about the Russian people this week.  The ruble, which is the Russian currency, fell by 50% this week.  It wouldn't be so critical except for the fact that Russia imports so much that now they're buying power is cut in half and they won't be able to import nearly as much with the same amount of money.  Putin got on public radio and announced to the people to prepare for hard times.  They are already having hard times, as most of them are only surviving anyway.

Jesse's Sophomore Recital is the 13th of March!  

I'm so grateful for that.  It'll be amazing.  She has the whole Madsen Recital Hall to herself.  She asked her Bishop today to open up the process for her mission papers!  Holy makarel!  It gave me a strange feeling when she told us that tonight.  It's one thing for you boys to go.  Entirely different to have her go.  Not sure why.  :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Our Hymn of Grateful Praise

Thanksgiving Week!

What a wonderful week to focus on gratitude and everything we have to be thankful for, especially our Savior Jesus Christ, and his gospel. 

Josh and Jesse both got home on Tuesday night.

It was so fun to see them and have them home!

On Thanksgiving Day, everyone got assigned a dish for the dinner.  Josh displayed his skills learned from his catering job at BYU-I!  He folded the napkins, set the table just right, and even insisted on flowers for the centerpiece! 

And we had Joseph with us too (if only by his portrait).
The turkey wasn't fully defrosted when I pulled it out of the fridge Thursday morning, so we didn't eat dinner until late.  This was highly stressful for me, but everyone was patient and it all turned out well.

On Saturday, we decorated the tree!

 Jesse got to put the top on the tree on this year!  She has never gotten to do it before, and since she might be gone for the next two years on a mission, we let her have the privilege this year.  :)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  Especially because Bruce, Mary, Peter, Libby and I played Puerto Rico last night and I won.  :) 

And now it's already December, with Christmas only 24 days away!

PS Sorry the pics are so bad in this post.  I transferred the pictures from our phones through iCloud, and apparently it only stored a small version of the original.  :(  Well, now I know.