Sunday, August 17, 2008

Joshua ordained a Priest

Joshua was ordained a Priest today! Next Sunday he will give the prayer in Spanish in the Sacrament. Isn't that cool? He sounds really good. For not being a native speaker, he can pronounce it really well. It will be nice to have someone up at the table permanently. In the past, random priesthood holders were coming up haphazardly from the congregation to do the prayer. We have another young man that will turn 16 at the end of the month, so that will be great to have two priests.

We had Family Home Evening tonight because we have too much going on tomorrow night to fit in FHE, but we usually have it on Monday night. Libby gave the lesson, which she hasn't done for a long time. She used a puzzle that she had gotten in Primary today of the scripture "I am the light of the world." She was so funny giving this lesson. She was all business - telling everyone what to do, and looking for all the world like she'd given a hundred lessons before. If she keeps this up she will turn out to be a natural teacher. It was really quite amusing!

We went over to our friends house tonight for ice cream, and they had scones with honey butter to begin with (yum, yum) and then later they served root beer floats. They prepared a slusie for me out of cranberry/pomegranate juice. It was very thoughtful! We had a ton of fun playing their new Clavinova digital piano. WOW - it had so many features and the touch and sound were wonderful. Not quite as good as an acoustic piano, but pretty darn close. Someday, someday we will have something like that.

Loving the Olympics, of course. Michael Phelps - you are the man! I think he handled himself so well with all this press attention, etc. Watching Usain Bolt was stunning, but you can see the difference between him and Michael Phelps. He just seemed more cocky. But it really was amazing to watch Bolts' race. It doesn't seem like there's been such a clear winner in the 100 meter race in a long time. Does it just make you a little crazy that he didn't run his best all the way to the end?? Ah, that just makes me want to pound my fists, for some reason. I hope he does in the 200 meter.

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