Saturday, August 9, 2008

Reunion with Bruce's side of the family2008

The Reunion this year was great! Every person in the family but one was there, so it was very memorable in that way. Grandma and Grandpa got each family their own condo at the Marriot's Summit Watch Resort, so we were in the lap of luxury. It was in sharp contrast to the week before where we were roughin' it big time on our llama pack trip. This condo was furnished beautifully. Interestingly, I was happy in both places.

Tuesday we got to go through the Open House of the Twin Falls Idaho Temple. Wow! It was a treat to be in the temple with our whole family. I really admired the use of natural light, especially in the Celestial Room.
We arrived in Park City Tuesday afternoon, and were able to have some down time to relax and enjoy the condo. Wednesday I took Jesse on her dream vacation activity - shopping. I did this out of pure love and duty, because shopping to me is about as much fun as pulling out a tooth. But, as it happened, this shopping trip turned out to be pretty fun. I told the kids they had to pay half of anything they bought, so that mitigated the consequences to my pocketbook. This was a girl's afternoon - I took Jesse, Mary and Libby with me. The best place, of course, was the bookstore that was tucked behind the Chocolate Factory. Yeah! Now that was my kind of shopping.

On Thursday, we went to This is the Place Monument and the Conference Center. On Friday we went to Seven Peaks Resort and then to Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian with Shawn & Janel and family. On Saturday, we went and did all these fun activities at the Park City Ski Resort. I rode the Lift all the way to the top and back. Going up was fun, but coming down, the view was fabulous!

Thank you to Shawn & Janel for planning a great reunion, and to Mom and Dad for the luxurious accommodations. Bruce's side of the family - we love you!

I have posted all the pictures we took on my Picasa Web Album:

Holmstead Family Reunion 2008

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