Saturday, August 16, 2008

Phelps Phan

OK, I'm a big phan, along with the rest of America. Cavic was so cocky that even after Michael won, he was saying, "Who is the gold-medal winner?" Duh. That's what's so cool about Phelps - it hasn't gotten to his head. That's pretty amazing. I'm pretty sure it would have gotten to mine. I heard a great story on NPR today interviewing kids at a swimming pool about the Olympics and Phelps. It's fun to see kids want to emulate greatness.

Loved the gymnastics last night as well. I thought Nastia was the epitome of grace and beauty. I loved Shawn Johnson, too, but I thought Nastia deserved the gold. She managed to make it look beautiful, like she was floating, whereas Johnson was "muscling" her way through it, or something. It's hard to explain. But I loved Shawn's mid-west attitude and demeanor. Wahoo - way to go girls!

On a different note, Joseph made the JV soccer team and Joshua made the Varsity team at their high school! Another wahoo! I'm so proud of them. They've been in two-a-days all this week, and have really worked hard. I have worked hard this week too, trying to keep them fed on the tail-end of a month of next-to-no grocery shopping because of finances. That was tricky, but we made it through all right, although, sadly, they might contest that assessment! Oh well, they are still alive, and they made the team, so it's all good.

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