Saturday, October 25, 2008

End of Seasons

Last Wednesday was our last game of the fall season. We were missing Trystin, but everyone else was there for our 10-1 win. We were undefeated in regular season play. We only lost one game this season 4-3, in a tournament. The point total for the season was 53-11! Basically we whomped on everyone we played. Our closest game was 4-1. We were awesome!!

OK - just had to get that out!

And here is a video of all the darling Young Women in the Spanish Branch. We went to a Corn Maze Wednesday night for our activity, which will be our last Mutual activity with the Spanish Branch. I'm so glad I got this video of all the girls. We've never had this many girls out to an activity, so it was so cool to have this one last chance to be together. I love these girls! They have so much potential. Teaching in the High School has given me a new appreciation for the world they live in, and my respect for them has skyrocketed as I have seen how they live and the standards they uphold amidst the total opposite of what they believe in.

Tomorrow we are singing "O esta todo bien" or "Come, Come Ye Saints" as a family for the musical number. The words are a great comfort to me - all is well - because that is what I need to know as we leave the Spanish Branch. I have faith that the Lord is mindful of each one of these girls, and will care for them well. If I did not have that faith, I don't know how I could leave the Branch.

And so, two significant sources of fun, happiness and joy, but also stress and dedicated time, ended in one day. I am relieved and saddened at the same time.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Bittersweet

My life is full of bittersweets right now.
I love these Young Men and Young Women, and the rest of the Spanish branch members so much. Les quiero para siempre.

Last week we were released from our calling in the Spanish Branch. We will speak in the branch next Sunday, and that will be our last week. This is bitter.

But that means that we will back in the Ward with wonderful people like Tammy, Jacob and Becky,
and Craig and Sondra. (And time to get some more current photos too!)
This is sweet.

We went to 7th ward (used to be 4th ward) today for Carly's farewell talk, and I cried for the first ten minutes I was there because I felt such a deep love for the members, a welling up of emotion. I have had to seal that off somewhat for the last two years, and today it was opened up again, overwhelmingly so. Yes - this is sweet!

Another sweet:
But the thought of winter coming on, and saying good-bye to this for another seven months is bitter.

Also, living in our home, and enjoying how wonderful it is - this is sweet. Knowing that we'd be much better off financially if it had sold is bitter.

I'm half way through my long-term sub position at the High School. I had the most wild class of my tenure (ha ha- that sounds funny) this week on Wednesday with paper airplanes flying around the room. I made them leave their backpacks at the back of the room the next two days. They were really mad at me, but it solved the problem. On Friday after school, one of the staff members pointed out 6 different examples of graffiti that were gang signs. She told me I had to put a stop to it. Hmmm - not quite sure how to do that. And the swearing. I'd love to hear something really old fashioned like dang, or Oh my heck! Ha ha. The fact that I will leave all this in three weeks is sweet.

However, I'm also starting to REALLY care about these kids and their future. And I really do quite enjoy teaching, and knowing I'm making some money to contribute to the family (besides the fact that it's really needed). The fact that I will leave this in three weeks is, you guessed it, bitter.

Nothing bitter about this, though!! This is all sweetness!

Libby's Halloween Costume is the caterpillar from James and the Giant Peach, which they are studying (and dressing up for) this month at their school. The fact that we had this costume sitting in the costume box (thank you cousins) is a tender mercy of the Lord, and a nod to my husband's persistence.

Through all the bitter and the sweet, the hand of the Lord is evident. I, with Sis. Worthlin, say "Come what may, and love it."