Sunday, April 12, 2009


We had a full day of soccer yesterday, among other things.

This is what happens when you have six soccer players, two coaches and five referees in one family. Every Saturday I write out a schedule that looks something like this:


7:30 am – Mom goes to ref a U10 game at 8:00am. Josh goes on date with Hannah.

8:20 am – Dad takes Jesse, Libby and Joseph. Libby & Jesse to games at 9:00 am. Dad and Joseph go to their game at 9:00 am

9:00 am - Mom refs Libby’s U8 game. Jesse refs a U10 game. Then they go over to finish watching Joseph’s game.

10:30 am – Mom takes Joseph and Jesse to referee U8 and U10. Mom and Libby go to Saddle Shop to buy Ellie a present.

11:00 am – Joseph and Jesse ref U8 games.

11:20 - Mom takes Peter to game. Joseph will ref a U6 game at 12:00pm and Peter will play a U10 game at 12:00 pm with Mom refing that game; Jesse referees at 12 also.

1:00 pm Mom picks up Kami at her house, then takes Joseph, Jesse and Peter home, and then leaves with Mary for game at 1:30 pm. First they drop off Libby at the Emalie's (call on this!)

2:20 – Dad takes Joseph, Jesse and Peter to game. Jesse plays, Dad and Joseph referee. Peter plays there at the park.

3:00 – Mom and Mary have their U12 game and come home.

6:00 Send Josh off to Senior Prom. Pick up Libby at Emalie's.

6:30 Go to Judson’s missionary party (we never did this – too tired!)

8:00 Watch Twilight. Maybe. If it comes in the mail.


If I don't do this, a lot of bad things happen.

If I do, only a few bad things happen, like Bruce leaving Peter at the Park. Jesse wants me to add that she remembered him, once they got home. They did go back to get him, but he had already gotten a ride home with the neighbors.

As I said in the schedule (if you got that far before you fainted of dizziness):

Josh went to Senior Prom on Saturday night with Hannah.Every one of these dresses was handmade. This is when you know you're in Idaho! Are you saying, "WOW...", because that's what I'm saying. I'm afraid I won't be doing that for Jesse. Of course, I never thought I would be milking a cow, and making whole wheat bread, butter and yogurt either. I've got less than three years to figure out how to make a prom dress...
They had a lot of fun, and Josh enjoyed the date! Here is a link to my Picasa web set that has more pictures.

This morning we had a nice breakfast together, sang some Easter Hymns, and then brought out everyone's new Sunday clothes. This is the tradition we have to remind everyone of the Resurrection - of being new and clean. (See the results in the new picture on the blog header!)

I was deeply touched by the program in our Ward today for Easter. Mary sang "Did Jesus Really Live Again?" with six other Activity Days Girls. It was beautiful, and the Spirit was strong. I couldn't believe that there were so few girls that age compared to all the Cub Scouts at the Pinewood Derby!

After Mary sang, our dear friends, Fred and Amy, gave wonderful talks. Most of Amy's extended family was sitting behind us, and it was so beautiful to see them all sitting in that row together.

The Bishop added his comments afterward. I was glad to be on the front row, because I don't know if others sitting farther back could tell how deeply he felt about what he was saying. He testified that when we come before Jesus at the Judgment Seat, we will want to be with Him. I believe that wholeheartedly. We will want more than anything to be surrounded and abide in the presence of such light and love as we never dreamed of here on earth.

The Church published this video on YouTube:

As I pondered these images in Sacrament Meeting today, I thought about the vicious beating that Christ received at the hands of the Roman soldiers before they took him to the cross. I thought of how only hours before, he had suffered for each of their sins, individually, in the Garden of Gethsemane. I pondered on the depth and breadth of a soul that could take each one - the one that used the lash, the one that pushed the thorns into his head, the one that nailed his hand onto the beam, Pilate, and even Herod, to whom He spoke not a word when interrogated by him; all these, he took one by one and fulfilled his part of suffering every last ounce of the weight of their sins, and their own personal sufferings.

I know and feel deeply that Jesus Christ is my Savior, and the Savior of all mankind. I have never had a time in my life when I didn't know that. I have spent the balance of my life using that knowledge and feeling to do and to become what He wants me to become. I want more than anything to be in the presence of my Savior, and my Father in Heaven, surrounded by those I love. The reason I want that is because I know that They are full of light and love, in the deepest sense of what those two sacred words mean, and I belong there.

This is the basis of every decision, every choice that I make. And, oh, how many "course corrections" I have to make! But I will get there, because that is where my course is charted, and I am sure that whatever we most deeply, deeply want in our lives, that we will receive.


Jesse said...

Hey, I'll be making my own prom dress, not you!

WhettenWild said...

I don't think I could keep track of all of that. Even WITH a schedule! I like your new family picture in your header.

Curtis said...

I really like the dark blue dress. Very classy. What a pain for the guys to have to coordinate with what the girls wear. Granted, (aside from Josh) the pair on the right look really sharp. I want a green shirt like his. said...

I love the prom photos of those wholesome, vibrant youth. I'm amazed the young men were able to color coordinate with the youth women. Wow...a lot of planning went into that prom.

I LOVE your beautiful family photo. You are doing a wonderful job. Stay the course, and everything will work out great.
Love, MoSop