Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More soccer, and Laying Pipe

Our good friends Aaron and DaraDee were at the soccer field on Saturday morning watching their son play on the team that played Libby's team. They were kind enough to take these pictures of Libby, and the referee - me.
I remember with fondness that little moment that Libby and I had together at halftime. Thanks for capturing it Aaron!

For Family Night, we had a work project to do, so Monday right after school we loaded everybody up in the truck and drove 1/2 hour over to Bruce's parents' farm. They own 20 acres and most of it is in grass hay. Bruce is in charge of raising this hay, and in the Wild Wild West, that means irrigating. We irrigate with sprinkler pipe, or hand lines, which have to be put out by hand. We started at 4:30 and stopped when it was too dark to see. Four and half hours of steady work.

Joseph had to go to a track meet, so he got out of it! But he worked plenty hard - he got a PR (Personal Record) in the 3200 meter by 30 seconds, and a PR in the 1600 meter by 2 seconds. Wow, Joseph - good job!!

Since Joseph was gone, Peter and Libby got promoted! Peter got moved up onto one of the pipe-laying teams, and Libby got promoted to driving the 4-wheeler. You should have seen their faces - they were grinning from ear to ear, they were so proud to be contributing. And they really were. It wasn't just a token job that they did - we really needed them, and they filled an important role.

While Bruce, Josh, Jesse and I loaded the pipe trailer,Mary, Peter and Libby would play on the swing set, or raid Grandma's chest freezer for all kinds of good eatins'.

The teams this time were Dad and Jesse,
Josh and Peter, and Mary and I. Peter could barely lift the pipe over the top of the trailer, but he managed to do it. Way to go Peter!
He can also play Superman.
Who's hands are these?If I hadn't taken the picture, I would say Bruce, but no - they are Josh's. These gloves come from the box at the front of the shed that is filled with work gloves. Every time we come out to work we dig through the box to find some gloves. These have seen a few pipes!
We got most of the pipe put down last night. We still have one field left to do, up by the shed. I'm proud of our kids. And we made it through with the least raised voices and tense moments on record! (Just keepin' it real.)


annette said...

You are doing such a great job of raising kids! Most kids now days don't have any chances to work hard and feel the natural high of accomplishing a huge task. Your kids are so lucky to have parents like you two. It shows on their faces.

WhettenWild said...

Wow you hard workers. Good for you!

I'm glad your neighbors took those pictures of Libby. They are darling!

wendy said...

Lorena, I came across your blog through Netteys and wanted to say how darling your family is. I don't know if you remember me, little Wendy Brown. It looks like you are doing well. Wow, you have such a great place, and the animals are beautiful. I was glad to see the pictures, hope it was o.k. to snoop.

Aaron said...

It is such a joy in our lives to be counted as your friends. Thank you MammaLama.

Lorena said...

Wendy Brown - you are not snooping! How can a cousin be snooping?! And of course I remember you. You were one of the "Brown" cousins that was my age and that I played with all the time. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)