Monday, April 27, 2009

From Calf Wrangling to Cousins Graduating

Last weekend, Jesse and I got to go down,

and be here,for this,to honor these great people!What could be more fun than that??
Congratulations Jarom and Darcy!
After seeing a piano performance at Darcy's Convocation, Jesse reached over to the program and said, "In a few years, this will say Jesse Lorena". So, in addition to being at the graduation, I have done my job of fully filling Jesse with the "Spirit of the Y"!

What fun to see Ashley again (I met her at Josh and Clarissa's wedding), and get to know her better!
And I was very happy to stand in the picture of those present from the family that had graduated from BYU.Missing from the picture: S. Bruce, Cedric, Rodney, Monique, Christopher, Elena, and Jaclyn. Someday we'll have to get that picture of us all together.

After that, Jesse and I went to Twin Falls for the Canyon Rim Classic Soccer Tournament. Jesse's team played 2 games on Saturday. Jesse and I also officiated for three other games, and then drove home that night. It was a whirlwind weekend, but fun!

(NOTE: Switch the Music Player song to "I'm From the Country" for full effect. Somehow Pomp and Circumstance just doesn't fit anymore. Ha Ha)

Bruce spent the day on Saturday helping his friend Lane tag, castrate, brand and vaccinate over 50 cows and calves. It took them from 7 am until 3 pm, with five men helping.
Visit our Picasa Web site to see more great pictures of the cowboys wrangling calves on the ranch!

My friend Wendy also wrote up a fun blog post about the event (and thanks for the pictures!!)

Here is Mary running the 100 meter dash. She also ran the 100 meter hurdles for the Middle School track team. Good job Mary!

A dove decides to hang out on the front porch! The kids fed it some of Cutie-Pie's seeds and took a video of it. (Cutie-Pie is our Quaker Parrot.)
The black bird layed these eggs in the nest in the barbecue! Still out there last time I checked, and the mama bird is taking care of them.
This was our one-year old colt Shadowfax. I say "was" because he is no longer with us. He had a freak accident. When Bruce was training him in the round pen, he reared back and got off balance and fell back on his right shoulder. He immediately started convulsing, with his eyes rolled back in his head, shaking, etc. To make the story short, he never recovered. He couldn't move his head above the position in the picture above, and his head was cranked to one side. He showed signs of paralysis on his right side also. We felt that he would not be able to recover, even with extensive veterinary care. After agonizing for five days over what to do, Bruce finally put him down. He was Joseph's horse, and Joseph used to go out and sit in the pasture with him when he was a young colt. But now he is on to happier pastures, galloping about at full speed. We'll see you again, but good-bye for now, Shadowfax!

Oh, and we can't forget to post this picture of Libby with her black eye. She got a serious shiner last week when she did a back flip on our trampoline and her knee came up and smacked her in the face! You can also see that Peter's influence is spreading - his neighborhood friend broke his wrist, and got a pink cast just like Peter had!

And one more tender moment. Mary and her friend Bailey, our next door neighbor, made up a dance for Bailey's brother Brady, who just returned from a mission last week in Singapore. At the end of their performance, this was the hug that Elder C. got from Bailey. I also want to remember the hug that I gave Becky, the missionary Mom, and felt her joy that her missionary son had come home!

My cousins BJ posted this on his blog. We loved it, of course, and I'm betting Jesse and Joseph are going to be practicing some of those moves!

The Soccer Project from Rebekah Fergusson on Vimeo.

My heart is going out today to mi patria México. Drug wars, depressed economy, swine flu and an earthquake on top of that! But they've also had a temple rededicated this year, and had 11 temples built there in the last 9 years. Estoy orando por mis paisanos allí. ¡Que Dios les bendiga!


WhettenWild said...

So sorry about your colt! That is so sad!

I'm glad that you were able to go see everyone at the graduation. That's great! I haven't been to BYU campus forever. I miss it!

Elaine Brown Billings said...

Lorena . . . . I just love your posts. You have a way of stating things and putting in the coolest pictures to tell your family story.

Keep it up Prima!

Curtis said...

Lor, I like what Elaine said about your pictures! I have a special affinity to the graduation photos. Looking at who visit's your site, I'm impressed that I'm getting world wide exposure!