Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Highwayman

While browsing around in the blog world, I discovered this, which my family will appreciate! (Click on the image to enlarge)

Wordle: The Highwayman
Pretty fun, huh?

The Highwayman is a poem that my Dad can recite from memory, and has done so often at family gatherings of all kinds. When I see these words, I can hear his voice saying them.
Dad, could you record that for posterity. Please? I love you!

Here is a link to the actual poem, and here is some interesting information about it on wikipedia.

It's interesting to read this poem again as an adult after not hearing it for awhile. It's rather depressing. But funny thing is, I don't think of it at all that way. I think of it as adventurous and romantic, and very, very cool. I think it's because whatever my Dad did was that way to me when I was growing up.

Speaking of the blogging world, this blog is now listed on Mormon Mommy Blogs, under the Generally Speaking category.

And now, off to fold two loads of laundry. I've milked the cow (with Joseph), made whole wheat pancakes from scratch and scrambled eggs for breakfast, had scripture study, got the kids off to school, and folded two loads of laundry already. Here we go with the day!!


Pony Girl said...

Hi Lorena! You asked what a "twitch" was on my blog. I will try to do a post about it in the future. But if you google image "horse twitch" you can see or read about it. It is a device of rope or chain, that typically has a wooden handle. You wrap it around the horse's upper lip. This releases natural endorphins which relax a horse. It looks really cruel and I'm sure some people think it is, but if used quickly, it can be effective and is better than fighting with a horse over issues (like getting vaccinations.) I'd rather twitch my horse and have the shots done in 45 seconds then struggle with him to hold still, risking injury for us both. This vet visit, he was also bad about getting twitched, too! :)
I like the music on your blog. It is very relaxing!

wenderful said...

You look a lot like your dad! I can totally see it. Don't you love Wordle? We made our New Years resolution lists with Wordle.

That last paragraph could have been written in the 19th century. Except that you would have had to hand wash those 2 loads of laundry as well. But, who knows, maybe you did!
Love ya!