Sunday, April 5, 2009

An Apprentice No Longer

We have enjoyed watching the foals this week! Here is a video of Mary with Stormy (that's the name that won out - Hailstorm - Stormy for short) when he was first born. Pony Girl - you will enjoy this video - and welcome to the blog!

Jesse and Josh performed this week at the Music Concert put on by the Music Club at the High School. Josh played Jessica's Theme from Man From Snowy River and Go the Distance from Hercules. He also sang and played In Dreams, from Lord of the Rings. It was really fun to hear him sing that - I loved it!
Even though Jesse is not in High School yet, they let her come up and sing and play her composition, Waiting. Great job Jesse!! We had a video of it, but accidentally erased it when we got home! That was a bummer.

At the same time, Joseph was running in his first track meet. We weren't able to attend, because it was too far away, but Joseph ran the 3200 meter and the 1600 meter. He was pleased with how he did. The athletes were out in a bitterly cold wind for hours. He said they piled all their bags up to make a wind block, and then got under blankets in front of it. Hmmm - no wonder he wanted to be on the track team. Ha ha

Bruce got me an early birthday present and it came in the mail this week - a Presto 23 qt pressure cooker/canner. I made the recipe in the owner's manual for Rice Pudding, and it was what I hoped it would be - the same Rice Pudding that my Mom made me all the time I was growing up. And the same Rice Pudding she has made me almost every time I have gone home to visit in the ensuing years.

When I lifted it out of the Pressure Cooker and eagerly took the tinfoil off, finding that it looked just like my Mom's recipe, I started to cry. It was such a strong emotion. I explained to the kids later that it was my comfort food. And then Bruce added, and it was so cool to me that he understood this about me, that I was no longer an apprentice, that I had made my "golden plow" (a reference to Prentice Alvin by Orson Scott Card) and that I had arrived.

It's about time - wish it hadn't taken me until I was 41! Here's a picture of the Rice Pudding and my Wheat Bread.Bruce and I went to the baptism of our friend Richy on Saturday between Conference Sessions. We've known him for years as one of the great young men that lives in our town. He has come to all of our Street Dances, and danced up a storm. He taught Joseph in a hip-hop dance class a couple of years ago too. He has been friends with LDS kids for years, and now, at 21, he has made the decision to join the Church. The chapel was filled for his baptism, and when he was asked to bear his testimony after his confirmation, he could not speak for a full minute or two, as he tried to compose himself. The Spirit was as strong as I've ever felt at a baptism. What a wonderful experience!And this on top of the Conference sessions! Wow, what a spiritual feast! How is it that every Conference can be so inspirational, so thought-provoking, so touching - and they same the same things over and over! It's never anything different! Of course it's the Spirit touching us, and our different life experiences and circumstances coloring the view, but it still amazes me.

Did anyone notice that President Monson had a tear streaming down his face while he told of the woman burying her child in the frozen ground? His voice never wavered or broke, but that display of emotion really touched me. I wondered why he chose that story to tell, and I feel that he wanted us to know that even though many are and will go through very trying times, that joy comes from the gospel, not good circumstances.

I heard a great analogy this week. The rain fell on the wise man's house as well as the foolish man's house!

Elder Hale's talk on provident living was timely, and I thought Elder Holland's talk was one of the most sacred I have ever experienced. I have wondered before if it was required of us in mortality to go through an experience like the Savior had where the presence of the Father was totally withdrawn. The answer was clear from Elder Holland that we need never go through anything like that, although when we sin, we distance ourselves from the Lord.

Elder Bednar's talk, followed by Elder Stevenson's (wonder if we're related on the Stevenson line?) on the Temple was very clear to me. I loved how he said that there is a big difference between those who rush to the temple once in awhile, and those who come regularly to worship. Very thought-provoking!

After Conference today, we got a call from Jancen, one of Josh's good friends, asking us if our family wanted to come over and go for a walk with their family. They have seven children, and their children match almost exactly with ours in age and friendship, so we absolutely love to be with their family. It was a beautiful, sunny spring day, although a bit windy, so it was so nice to be outside and walking in the sun. Mary, Ashley, Christina and Jesse.
Laren and Alyssa (she's the one that makes us wish we'd had one more!)
Jesse and Christina are in different grades, but only about 9 months apart, and they have a ball together.
Devyn and Joseph are in the same grade, and have become really good friends. Devyn is deaf, and Joseph has a gift to be able to communicate and understand Devyn. Joseph was showing me some sign language that he has learned from Devyn, and I was impressed! They have been snowboarding together several times this year.
Jancen and Josh are also in the same grade, and they have also become really good friends. They sing in the same acapella group together, as well as just "hanging out" with the same great group of friends.These two have managed to become really good friends, and I mean GOOD FRIENDS! In fact, I believe they are wildly in love with each other. Bishop P. came by and visited with us for a moment. What a great man. It's his family's property that we took our walk on. Laren manages his property for him. We love their family too.The fail-proof entertainment for kids of all ages (and I mean ages 2 to 42) - throwing rocks in the pond.Peter and Rebbecca (behind Peter in the black) are the same age. Libby and Jacob (far left bending over) are about two years apart.What fun to be with such good friends as Caralee and Laren. (Laren is actually my 4th cousin).For Christmas, Caralee and Laren gave their children these cows. This spring every cow had a calf, so their herd has doubled. They plan on doing the same with their cows as we are doing with ours. In fact, I think that's some of where Bruce got the motivation to do the same.On our walk we got to see the cows grazing.Ashley and Mary, although one grade apart in age, are good friends too! I'm telling you, their family really fits with ours!At the end of the walk, we had a spontaneous "Boat Race".

Thank you Laren and Caralee, for a wonderful afternoon and evening!


WhettenWild said...

Busy weekend! Good for you for learning all of these new homemaking skills!

Curtis said...

Lor, it's quite telling that you would video the boat race and not once show the boats. You should let Peter have the camera now and then. He would show us who won. For you, it's all about the racers. Yea, yea, that's probably as it should be... but, still, I would have liked seeing the boats.

Lorena said...

Curtis, that makes me laugh so hard! You're totally right, I wasn't much interested in the actual race, just everybody's reaction to it. In my last post I did show the actual Pinewood Derby race! :)