Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mary & Kevin's Wedding Luncheon

Kevin's family put on a lovely luncheon in the afternoon with a spread of delicious food!

Some of the wonderful people that attended:  (We added Jesse into these pictures!)

Katherine, Kevin's sister, is on the left here.  Kevin had in mind that he wanted to find a girl that looked like his sister, Katherine, and when he saw Mary, she fit the bill!  So fun!
 My brother Chris, his wife Elena and their four boys - they traveled all the way from Arizona!
 Shawn, Daniel, Deloris, Grandpa and Kate.
Nicole and darling Emma.
 Alyssa, Grandma, Clark, Whitney, adorable Penny and Lindsey.
 Lisa and Sean, Becca's parents, and Joseph, Becca, Hunter and Lexi.
Peter, Bruce, Dan, Josh, Kaylee and Libby, with Janel, Lauren, Camille and Lorna Kay talking in the background.
 Mary and Kevin talking to Linda, Kevin's Mom.

For anyone interested, Mary's lovely, reasonably priced dress was purchased from Charlotte Mynt.

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