Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mary & Kevin - Wedding Part 1

Early Friday, the day before the wedding, found Mary and I still in Utah, after enjoying the wonderful wedding of Mary's cousin Darcy to her wonderful Brazillian Fiance, Lucas.  We enoyed two days of temple going - to the Provo City Center Temple for an endowment session, and later their sealing, and to the Salt Lake Temple.  Darcy and Lucas had a lovely, lovely reception on Thursday night and we loved visiting and dancing.  (Venna, Penny and Risa stole the show at that dance!).

So Mary and I got off around 6:30 am and picked up cousin Kaylee and Maid of Honor Becca along the way.  They helped us all the rest of the day with shopping and other preps.  Thank you girls - you were amazing!

We had all sorts of fun that day with the cardboard cutout of Jesse!  Mary, Becca and Kaylee put it right outside my bathroom door and took a video of me hollering as I came out and ran into Jesse right in front of me!  More than one family member got tricked into thinking that she was home, and to go see her in the powder room.

Friday evening we had dinner for all the family that was in town, both from my side of the family and Bruce's.  We had a tasty Enchilada dinner.  At about 9:45 pm that night I remembered that we were supposed to have cut up the fruit that afternoon!  Oh my!  Thank goodness I was surrounded by wonderful family that pitched in and made it fun! 

This is a video that my niece Whitney took at about 11:00 pm.  Yes - all this was still going on at that hour! 

 In this video, Becca is inviting Linsdey to go to the airport and pick up Josh and Joseph, who flew in a midnight from Virginia.  Kaylee and Libby are sacked out on the island (can you tell which side of the family Kaylee is on? hahaha - she did hold out for a long time though!).  My Mom, Chris, Clark and Julianne are still cutting up cantaloupe, and cousin Alyssa is playing with Penny.  I love this video, Whitney - thank you!

The next morning, it took us a while to find Mary's white dress (pictured below), and the Marriage License, but Becca had a hand in finding both of them.  Good thing she was around!  I had a lump come up in my throat when I took this picture!

On the morning of the 27th, Gerard and Gwenaelle, Grandpa and Deloris, Shawn & Janel, Camille, Justin, Kaylee, Clark, Julianne, Whitney, Lindsey, Chris & Elena, and Craig & Jenette, as well as Bruce & I and Joshua and Joseph were all able to be in the Sealing with Mary in the Boise Temple.  It was wonderful to have so many family members there!  We loved that.  The sealing was beautiful beyond words.  President Brent Belliston sealed them and gave us some wonderful insights into the Temple before he did so.  

 Mary hugging her best friend, Maid of Honor, and future sister-in-law Becca.

Mary and Kevin's siblings and in-laws.  (Well, Becca is a future in-law, and Jesse is missing.) What a great group of people!
The Bridal Party.
 All Mary's side of the family that was on the Temple Grounds.
 Mary with Becca and Lexi, two of her best friends from high school.
I really could stare at this picture all day long.  As I posted on Facebook, "Bruce Holmstead, is this not true joy?"

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