Saturday, March 26, 2016

Gem State Classic Ballroom Dance Competition

We had a great time this week at the Gem State Classic!  This is the Ballroom Dance Competition that Peter and Libby's team attends every year.  They practiced super hard and did wonderfully!  Their team took first place in both their numbers, a Lindy and a Waltz.
Here is the Lindy, focusing on Libby.

Here is the same dance, focusing on Peter.

Here is their Waltz, focusing on Libby.

The Waltz again, focusing on Peter.
They won 1st place on both these dances in their division!

Peter and Libby also danced in the Syllabus Competition today.  They made it to the Finals in the Waltz - and got 4th place!  And they made it to the Finals in the Saamba - and got 5th place!  They also made it past the first round in the Mambo and the Tango, and danced the East Coast Swing as well!  They worked hard to get to this point, and had great coaches too.  I'm so happy for them that they did that well!  Staying at the hotel with the team was a ton for them as well.

Bruce and I got to be there for a day and stayed with my Mom and Dad, which is always fun.  We came back today for the Dress Rehearsal of Handel's Messiah.  We have two performances tomorrow!  I'm so grateful for the experience it has been to be in this production.  This music is truly inspired and to sing it with outstanding performers is an incredible experience!  I'll publish more about that and Easter next week.

Joseph sang for an hour last night with Apollo, performing 10 numbers at a local venue.  Way to go Joseph!

Josh finished his first week working as an assistant at a local law office.  He cut back his hours at his assembly line job (which was hard because he loves listening to Audible books!) to fit in time at the law office.  He has been working 12 hour days!
 It's great experience for him, and he gets paid better.  I'm so glad he's getting this experience!

Happy Easter!

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