Monday, April 4, 2016

Feasting on the Good Word of Christ

We went down to General Conference!  We got to attend the Saturday morning and afternoon sessions, thanks to a generous benefactor.  Mary sang in the afternoon session with the combined choirs of BYU-Idaho.  They sang lovely arrangements, and executed them beautifully!  We never saw Mary on the big screen, but she was OK with that, having determined beforehand that she was going to sing for the Lord, and not to be seen of men.  The music all through Conference was stunning. Over and over I had waves of chills go through my body as I soaked up the high vibration of that music.  This is Becca, Libby and I before going into the First Session.
The whole group after the first session. Mary was rehearsing with her choir so she wasn't with us.
Catarina found us!  She is a wonderful young adult that was in the Spanish Branch with us when she was 10.  In the background you can see Josh and Joseph meeting up with Walker and his wife Lauren, and Walker's mom.  Walker was Joshua's Zone Leader on his mission, and later his roommate.  They are dear friends.
Walking across Temple Square was beautiful!
In the Conference Center after the 2nd session.
Outside the Conference Center with the whole gang:  Joshua, Bruce, Lorena, Peter, Libby, Mary, Kevin, Joseph and Becca.
What a wonderful experience it was to attend Conference!  We watched the Sunday sessions at Josh and Rachel's house.  They hosted quite a group of us - we had Jacob, Joseph's  former companion and present roommate, with us also.  Thank you Josh and Rachel!

Last week Mary sent us some pictures of her college life.
Thankfully she is feeling better - all the signs and symptoms of the strep and mono are gone.  What a blessing!  Mary cooked!

Guess who had his Eagle Board of Review and passed?!  Congratulations, Peter!  We'll be planning his Eagle Court of Honor here shortly...
Easter Sunday last week was wonderful. Joseph was home for the weekend.  (Surprise, surprise!)  Joshua's t-shirt says, "I'd flex but I like this shirt."

That afternoon (of Easter), Bruce and I got to perform Handel's Messiah with an inter-faith choir from our home town and the one next to us.  It was an incerdible experience, and the performance was great!
Brent conducted and Cindy, his wife, sang with us and was the rehearsal pianist.  They were amazing to work with.  What a privilege it was for Bruce and I to be involved!

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