Monday, March 14, 2016

A Birthday, a Beauty and a Beast

Libby's 14th birthday was this week!
What a joy Libby is in our family!  The thing she is most excited about turning 14 is to be able to go to the Stake dances!  Wahoo!

 There was a beautiful sunrsie the morning of Libby's birthday!
Peter took this picture, and may or may not have sent it to a girl, saying that this sunrise reminded him of her.  What Peter did do was go and tell Bruce to tell the same thing to me, which Bruce did.  You should have seen Peter's face when Bruce said that to me.  He was grinning from ear to ear!

 Josh and Peter gave Libby a huge bear for her birthday!
 Josh and his friend Savanah showing off how big this bear really is!
 Natali, Ellie, Elizabeth, Libby, Megan (in the back), Macy, Ragen and Anna at Libby's Birthday Party.

Peter was in the High School's production of Beauty and the Beast!  He was a Featured Dancer, and this was his partner, Lyndsie.
Aubrey was the Enchantress at the beginning.
Becca was also a Featured Dancer.
Joseph came and stayed for a day to see her in the play.  Oh, and Peter too.  :)

 Cogsworth and Lumiere were perfect!
 Connor and I have been working together since the beginning of the school year.  It's been super fun to see his progress and be able to get to this point!  Love this kid!
 Annie, Jessie and Connor - all did wonderfully in their characters.

Libby also had Piano Festival this week!  She had a memory slip on her Chopin, but she learned from it, and other than that, played beautifully!

On Sunday we had the pleasant surprise to see Nexar Navarrete and his friend from the mission, Jose Carrasco, and also Jose's sister Liz Carrasco, who served here a year ago.  They came and talked with us and we ended up having our family testimony meeting with them.  Jerica joined us at the last too - she took the picture.
 Mary had quite a week!  She struggled being sick all week, and we did everything possible with natural remedies, until it was finally time to go see a doctor.  She ended up having strep throat and mononucleosis.  Oh boy!  Kevin, Kaylee (Mary's cousin and roommate) and Joseph all took good care of Mary, thank goodness.  Kevin was kind of enough to bring her flowers one morning!
I got this cute picture from Mia last week (picture on the left) with Jesse.  Jesse and her companion got to spend P-day up at their house which is up in the mountains on a ranch.  Fun!

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