Sunday, March 20, 2016


Peter and Libby practicing Syllabus for the Mambo!

We had Gérard over to dinner yesterday. Everyone else was sick.  We had a very pleasant meal and conversation.  
We told the story about Fannie Neat and her sister singing We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet, and the missionaries hearing them.  The missionaries had been praying to know how to find the Mirmon family that was in th area, and when the girls sang the hymn in the way home from school, the missionaries had their answer!  Fannie Neat us Bruce's great grandmother living in Woustershire, England. 

Peter and Becca had a Choir Concert was this week!

Becca sang a solo "Lass from the Low Country" with me accompanying her.  It was awesome!  And then I also accompanied her ensemble singing "Will the Really Be a Morning?"  I loved doing that, although it was super stressful for me and took hours and hours of practice.  But I loved the challenge and the experience.  Of course we were the last ones there!  :)

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