Monday, October 3, 2016

Homecoming 2016 and General Conference

Peter went on his first date this week!  He went with Halli to their high school Homecoming Dance.

The group: Peter & Halli, Riley & Rilee, Tyler & Maddy, and Ethan and Lindsay.
Look at Peter - hahaha!
We set up the wall tent for their dinner in the back yard.  It created an atmosphere of rustic elegance.  They really enjoyed it!  The other three moms cooked the meal, and we added in our specialty - fresh apple cider.  Bruce and Libby were awesome to help set up and serve.

General Conference was wonderful!  This is Libby and two of her many pages of notes that she took during the Conference. 
I want to include the last two verses of the Hymn "Come, Ye Thankful People, Come", which was sung by the Tabernacle Choir as the last song of the Sunday Morning Session.  These verses are not included in our present Hymnal.

3 For the Lord our God shall come,
and shall take the harvest home; 
from the field shall in that day 
all offenses purge away, 
giving angels charge at last 
in the fire the tares to cast; 
but the fruitful ears to store 
in the garner evermore.

4 Even so, Lord, quickly come,
bring thy final harvest home; 
gather thou thy people in, 
free from sorrow, free from sin, 
there, forever purified, 
in thy presence to abide; 
come, with all thine angels, come, 
raise the glorious harvest home.

United Methodist Hymnal, 1989

This is especially significant considering that the Jubilee year has ended, and that the Jewish people are now celebrating Rosh Hashanah, which is the Jewish New Year, but also symbolic of the final harvest.

We enjoyed more soccer games this week!  On Thursday, we sat by our friends Von and Felicia - we have gotten to know them a lot better this past year and enjoy their friendship!
Here's Peter out on the field.  I told him to turn around and smile, and this is the most I got!
That night was Senior night, and the Varsity played the team that is at the top of the league.  It was a very close, intense game - well-played on both sides.  I haven't been that "in to" a sports event in a long time.  I was on my feet and yelling and cheering with the rest of them.  It was a great game!

We are looking forward to our Cider Festival this Saturday.  Wahoo!!

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