Monday, October 17, 2016

Choral Invitational

Peter and Libby had dress up days at school all week long.  Friday was "Pink Day".
 This stately matriarch (NOT) had pink on too!
Libby and Regan

On Friday at noon I took off with Peter and 33 other Madrigals on a Choir trip to sing at a Choral Invitational at a college in Idaho.  There were 11 choirs invited, and 3 of them got picked to sing their own prepared number in the evening concert.  Our choir was one of the ones chosen!
 Here is a little clip of the song that they sang on Saturday night, "Ain'a that Good News".
The clinician, Dr. Rollo Dilworth, from Templeton University in Philadelphia, was fabulous!
Our director picked out this piece, "Ain'a that Good News", which is arranged by none other than Dr. Dilworth, before he knew he would be the clinician at the festival.  That was an unexpected piece of fun!
 Fun times at the pool.  Peter is in the back just left of center.
 I got to know Riley better on this trip.  Her boyfriend Christian is the son of a lady I visit teach in our ward, so I had heard a lot about her but never met her.  It was fun to get to know all the other kids too.  I feel so sad that I didn't get a picture with Tracie, my dear friend and fellow mom that chaperoned.  We laughed and laughed the whole time, having a great time together!
 Here's Peter - sporting his Madrigals Tux!
 Picture here are 34 out of the 36 Madrigals in the choir.
The concert was wonderful!  The combined choir sang four pieces together.  After the concert, one fellow conductor told our conductor that ours was the best high school choir that he had ever heard.  Wow!  High praise from a fellow conductor, one whose choir was also chosen to sing their own number.  It was an amazing compliment, but in my opinion, well-deserved.

And guess who came down to the concert on Saturday night?!  Our own Mrs. Bunn!
 I loved sitting by Mary at the Concert.  She is so knowledgeable about choral music, having learned so much this past year at BYU-I.  A lot of the kids knew her and were glad to see her.  It warmed my heart to be with her and talk to her, even for an hour.
After the concert, we left at about 10 pm and rode home.  Here's Peter sacked out on the school bus!

On Friday night, Mary and Kevin got to go and hear Presidential Candidate Evan McMullin!  And they got this picture with him afterwards.  Mary had high praise for him.  She said he is not an actor, not artificially pumping up the crowd, etc.  She said he is real, that he talked about policy with intelligence.  She said his overall energy was so positive.  I really trust Mary on things like this.  I have been a McMullin supporter from Day one, from everything I could gather on the internet, but to have Mary see him live, shake his hand and look him in the eye, it is very gratifying to hear her good report from face to face.  Go McMullin!

Josh and Mary also went to see him the next day, and Josh was impressed also.  Good news!

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