Monday, October 10, 2016

Cider Festival

Joseph is in Virginia still, and he went to the Washington DC Temple on Wednesday.  He got this picture from the freeway as you round the bend.  I've heard of this for a long time - and now I got a picture of it from Joseph!  So cool!

Peter and Libby have a fascination with this wheelchair that we have.  They wheel themselves around in it all the time.  This cracks me up:
Peter and Libby (and Josh now too, I noticed over the weekend), can sit back and balance on the wheels without falling either forwards or backwards.  I don't think I would try that...

On Tuesday, Peter's JV Soccer team played one of our arch-rivals.  The score was 0-0 up until 30 seconds left in the game.  A fellow player took a shot, and the goalie went and fell on the ball. When he did, it squirreled out from beneath him to the side, and one of our players scooted it over to another player, who kicked over to Peter, who then slotted it into the goal!  End score 1-0!  Wahoo!  We could hardly believe it!  That just doesn't happen that often in soccer.

We went straight from that game to Libby's concert which was at the end of a full day of training on Barbershop and a Capella singing.  It was a fun concert, and afterwards, we got to go over and visit Becca!  She works at a local soup and sandwich shop.
 Libby and Elli, best of buddies.
 Libby showing off her t-shirt, with a good-size dose of 14 year old attitude.  :)
What a fun day!  I told Joseph this week that my days flow from one blessing to another.  I am in a state of constant wonder and gratitude about this.  I see the hand of God in my life, and his yoke is easy, and his burden is light.

On Friday, Felicia and her son Bryce came over to help us make doughnut dough.  And later Laurel and Tyson and their six children came over to help too.  Peter helped for awhile before he took off to be with friends.  Libby spent the evening with her Anima-Mea choir group watching a Walk to Remember, as they are singing a song from that movie - Only Hope - as part of their repertoire.  We made 15 batches of dough!  And we didn't even get to all of those.

Mary and Kevin stopped in during the evening, and it was so fun to see them!  I love it when my children come home!

Saturday morning, Libby left early for her District game in a town 1 1/2 hours away.  They were the 4th seed and had to play the top seed.  They lost the game but played hard.  Libby didn't get in to play, unfortunately.  :(  She was sad on Friday that it was her last practice, so she enjoyed the season even though she didn't get that much playing time.  The overall picture is great, though, considering that she has only been back playing soccer for a year (since U-8).  She went a LONG way in a year, and will only continue to improve.  Way to go Libster!!

Peter's team also made it into the District Tournament (they take the top 4 teams).  They played the same team that they played on Tuesday.  This time, Peter scored in the FIRST 30 seconds of the game!  He got a good cross from a teammate and then headed it in!  The goalie had his hands on the ball, but then it slipped through and dribbled into the goal.  Bruce and I had barely walked into the game.  Bruce saw the situation and called out, "Head it!", which Peter was already doing.  Like father, like son!  The other team went on to score two goals, so the final score was 1-2.  That was a bummer, because the boys played hard, but they left it all out on the field.  Peter had a much improved season this year and really contributed to his team.  Way to go Peter!

After all this we ran home and put on the finishing touches for the Cider Festival!  We had perfect weather - 70-75 degrees, and a lot of people came out.  Mary helped me a ton with the doughnuts, I fryed them and she rolled them in the cinnamon sugar and put them on the trays.  Dad kept the Cider Press going and Peter drove the tractor for the hay rides.  Josh came about half hour into it.  Yeah!!  He brought three roommates - Jared, Jason and Andrew Hatch (who is now dating cousin Kaylee!), and also an FHE sister Clinisha.  They were so fun to have here!  And Nic and Becca came too.  So many fun people!  I realized this morning that I didn't have a single picture.  I put out a call for some, so I'll add any in if I get some.

That evening after the Cider Festival, the hay had been cut and baled at the farm in Kuna and Bruce went out with Peter to bring it in.  Peter drove and Bruce by himself bucked two whole loads of hay.  As Joseph put it, "You've still got it, Dad!"  Indeed he does.  I just wished he hadn't of had to do that by himself, but the planning of it is impossible to do ahead of time.

The next morning we all piled on our bed and sang him Las Mañanitas for his birthday!  We had T-bone steak, mashed potatoes and steak for his birthday dinner.  Good stuff!  I gave him a Foot Zone in the evening as we sat and talked with Gérard, who had brought over some zucchini bread from Michelle.  Happy Birthday to Bruce!

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