Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kaleb's Farewell/Mini Reunion

We got together this weekend with Bruce's side of the family for the farewell of Kaleb, going on a mission to South Carolina!  Gary and Heidi rented out a dormitory from an old teacher's college in a small town near Kaleb's house, so we were all able to gather there.  It was super fun!

Five siblings - so good to be together!
Siblings and spouses
We got there in the afternoon, and after we ate, we watched a program that Dad prepared about our ancestors and family name.  The owners run a haunted house as part of the grounds, so Kaleb took us on a tour of that.  Why do people think that is fun?!  Then that evening, Kaylee, Daniel, Derek, Justin and Joshua B., Joseph & Becca, Mary & Kevin, Peter and Libby all got in the hot tub.  We all talked and laughed and talked some more.

The next morning was Kaleb's farewell.  He gave a wonderful talk about "finding a better way".  I loved hearing him testify that in the Garden of Gethsemane, Christ followed through with the Atonement, even though he asked if the cup could be removed.  After Kaleb's talk, Joseph and Josh got up and sang, "Lead Kindly Light".  They only practiced for about 25 minutes ahead of time, but it was solid, and so beautiful!  Their voices blended so nicely, and then you could tell the training and experience of singing together really came into play.  Kyla was so impressed by it that she came up afterward and asked our family if we would sing a song at their wedding (Jacob & Kyla get married in June).

After the farewell we went back to the Dormitory and were able to eat lunch, and then go around and have everyone give some advice to Kaleb.  It was a large group, and wonderful advice was given.  The Spirit truly testified of the truths that people shared!

And here are some pictures that were taken. (I'm missing some - I'll add them in later).

Andrew, Kevin and Becca - talking while the cousins all stood in for a picture.
Here they are in order (those missing in parentheses:  Nicole, (Philippe), Joshua W, (Heather, Natalie), Jacob, Jeremy, (Matthew, Devyn, Brianna), Joshua B, Kaylee, (Gwenaelle), Derek, Joseph, Justin, Daniel, (Jesse), Kaleb, Camille, Mary, Zack, Sarah, Lauren, Peter, Libby and Katie.

It was a wonderful weekend being together!

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