Sunday, February 21, 2016

Be Thou Humble - and then what?

Here's the debut of the man bun...

Peter's in the musical Beauty and the Beast at the high school, and the director asked them to all grow out their hair so they could have a man bun for the play.  Peter is a featured dancer in the play.  He is enjoying the play, but getting worn down because he also started soccer practice this week, and he is in Ballroom dance with Libby (pictured here), AND, in Middletones and Mad Boys (a Capella groups).  And memorizing lines for Romeo and Juliet in English class to boot.  Oh yeah, and he feeds the animals every day and milks the cow.  And home teaches and manages to go to stake dances and have fun too.  WHEW.....

Bruce and I are singing in a multi-stake audition choir led by the local college choir director that is preparing to sing Handel's Messiah. Wow - what a great experience.  It's the most professional choir I've ever been in and I'm learning so much!  We are singing Easter Sunday.

Mary had a choir performance this week too.  She is doing great in her classes.  Joseph is giving plasma and keeps getting poked in all the wrong places, giving him hematomas.  For a boy that was petrified around needles in high school, this is taking all sorts of mental discipline to do this.

On Saturday night we went to a local hot springs and then went afterwards to an old-time burger joint.  Jerica and Tristan arranged it, and Bruce and I, Josh and Libby joined in.  It was fun!

We got a wood stove this week!  Our furnace broke down in the west wing, so instead of investing in a new furnace, or patching up the old one, we decided to invest in a wood stove - something that will heat the house in time of need.  We got a really good deal on Craigslist (Bruce and Craigslist are TIGHT), and even bought some used flooring, wall paneling for the heat, and some piping for dirt cheap.  Now all we need to save up for is the final installation to pipe it out the roof.  We feel really good about it.  We're going to put it in the hallway that has a door out to the back porch.

We have had the strange occurrence of losing both our pastures in the last month; meaning the pastures that we have borrowed from friends in the past to put our animals on have both become unavailable.  So, we are looking for extra pastures.  It's interesting timing, I think.

Libby has started outdoor soccer practice!  The coach put her in as a striker.  Whaaat?  Jesse and Mary always played defense.  This is a new world!  And Libby has stepped up into the role of playing the piano for Young Women's on Sunday.  Way to go Libs!

We have tiger lillies starting to grow in the front flower bed!  Wow - that took me by surprise.  Looking forward to that.

I have come to an understanding about Humility lately.  I have found that humility is not an end virtue, and neither is gratitude.  What good does it do to be humble?  So what?  And what good does it do to be grateful.  So what?  Both of these virtues have to lead to something to be of value.  I seem them both as breaking up the ground, plowing the heart, getting the soil of the heart ready for planting.  And when the seed of faith is planted in such ground, it is fertile ground, and the seed takes root and grows.  And what emerges is belief and faith and action.  Faith is a principle of power, so things happen.  Do and Be take place.  One of my personal declarations is this:
Because I love God first, I flow in gratitude and humility, which broken ground provides for the fertile growth of my faith, leading me to abundance, daily repentance and creation.
I love how the gospel of Jesus Christ lends itself so fully to the growth mindset that Carol Dweck, PhD talks about in the book Mindset.  We are all about growing, learning, becoming.  I love this way of living!

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