Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day!

Mary has started dating Kevin.  They met at a dance 3 weeks ago.  He and Mary came home this weekend (his family lives in a nearby town) and so we were glad to meet Kevin.

Mary is planning on her mission and only needs to have her interview with the Stake President before submitting her papers!  So watch for that announcement soon!

Peter started playing the piano all of a sudden.  He is learning Jessica's Theme from the Man From Snowy River soundtrack.  He's getting good at it!  So all of a sudden we have piano wars going on over who gets to play the Kawai baby grand.  We do have 2 pianos, because we still have our Petrof, but both want to play the Kawai.  #firstworldproblems

I told Peter that playing the piano was a good way to win over chicks, and he said, "I know."  And he said it in such a way as to say, "Why do you think I'm playing the piano all of a sudden?"  Ha ha ha

Libby has also been playing a ton.  She has been playing the Hymns while listening to audio books on Audible.  She plays for what seems like hours!  And she is getting really good at the Hymns!  We figured out that since the ward split, she is the one out of all the YW who play the piano the best!

Joseph has overcome his severe fright of needles and is giving plasma. 
Joseph went to the Temple this week with his roommates.
Libby Selfie!
Peter's bed head after waking up from a Sunday nap.
He is growing his hair out for the HS play, Beauty and the Beast.
Josh sang tenor today for a special invitational choir for Stake Conference coming up in 3 weeks.  That's new for him!  Becca sang in it too.
Joseph and Mary both came for Valentine's Day.  We had a family dinner on Saturday.  Tonight we played a fun round of Mormon Bridge.  Becca won the last round with the Rook card, but Bruce won the game!  Josh had to go to sleep, so he's not in the picture, but here are the rest of us, including Peter with his messed up hair.
And here are these two couples.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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