Sunday, January 24, 2016

We Love to Love, Love, Love

This week started out with a bang.  A bang on Mary's nose!  Josh, Joseph, Becca, Nic, Mary, Andrew and the former Elder Halter (can't remember his first name) went sledding.

They had a blast until they went down in a train, and they hit a bump and Mary hit the back of Becca's head.  Ouch!  An Emergency Room visit and a CAT Scan later, they told her she just had soft tissue hematoma.  This was a blessing - no broken bones!

We are glad she is OK!

Gérard, our brother-in-law, took us up flying yesterday!  It was a small Cessna with four seats in it.  I sat in the back, and Bruce sat up front.  We flew all over our community.  When we flew over our house, I was on the phone with Libby, and they all ran out and waved up at us.  Great memory!

It was really cool to see the bigger picture of our community.  I loved seeing all the open land around us!  I am so very grateful for where we live.  A couple of years ago, when Bruce was working full-time from home, and his team was living in different states and different countries, Bruce said, "We can basically live anywhere we want."  And so we gave that some thought... for about five minutes. It only took that long to decide - no, we don't need to go anywhere - we live in the best place for raising a family.  If it was just Bruce and I, I think we might go live in the mountains somewhere, but for raising children, this is it! We love it here.

Joseph came home again this weekend!  It was Logan's farewell, so Joseph came back for that.  So fun to see him!  He left his phone in his apartment, and Andrew brought it with him when he came later.  So all evening we thought he was still in Rexburg, because we were tracking his location from his phone, and then all of a sudden he showed up in the kitchen!  Fun!  Becca and Nic came over and we had Stone Soup for dinner.  We did the story and everything!

Mary went Latin Dancing this week in Rexburg.  She saw Santi there, Josh's old roommate, and they started dancing and had a blast dancing the rest of the night.  She said it was so fun!  That girl does love to dance!  Mary also called me halfway through the week and told me that in her voice lesson with Sis. Ashby, she went over the basics of how to breathe while singing.  Mary said it was night and day difference when she applied the principles.  She felt like she'd taken a huge leap forward.  Oh, how great it is to learn something like that!

On Thursday night I went over with Josh to the Middletones, Peter's new singing group.  It's a group of 7 freshmen boys that Josh is directing as an a Capella group.  They practiced Silhouette and an arrangement of Love at Home.  It was super fun to see how enthusiastic these boys were and how much fun they had singing!

Libby was accepted onto a competition soccer team for the Spring!  So she is swimming, playing futsal (in preparation for Spring soccer), and adding in Ballroom dancing on Saturdays.  That girl is in shape!  And she manages to squeeze in some piano practicing and through it all, listening to Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson on Audible.  This week Libby started playing the piano while she was listening to Audible, and she played and played and played.  All kinds of songs - sight reading many of them.  It was awesome!  Her sight reading ability is taking huge leaps and bounds forward.  I'm not sure how her brain is able to listen to the book and sight read the music at the same time? But she is doing it.

Josh, Becca, Joseph, Peter and our friends - Jay, Eric, Caleb, Chase and Mindy, along with their cousins Kevin and Travis and friend Kyler - ALL those people piled into our truck and went skiing yesterday evening.  Crazy!  But they had a ton of fun!  Josh came in and talked to me for about half an hour, and then Joseph came in and talked to me until 2:44 am.  Thankfully, earlier in the evening, I had a cold a sinus headache, so I had gone to be at 8:30 pm.  The Lord has mysterious ways of getting me to bed so I have enough rest for things!  :)  (I ran on the Zyto Compass and needed Clarity and Tsuga.  I applied those 3 times and woke up this morning totally clear. I'm so grateful for the tools Heavenly Father has given us for healing, including sleep!)

I have been sorting and cleaning this week!  I went through a lot of cupboards and drawers, and dejunked them.  YEAH.  It feels so good.  I threw away/donated all the stuff that I never use that was just taking up space in the drawer.  It felt SO good.

In addition to the Middletones, Josh has been working with a new group of Mad Boys!  He even spent a great deal of time doing two different arrangements of songs for them this week.

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