Monday, January 18, 2016

Provo City Center Temple Open House Adventure

Friday afternoon we drove to Grandpa and Grandma's house with Bruce & I, Josh, Nic, Becca and Libby.  We slept there, for a few hours anyway, and then left for Provo at 3 am in order to get there for our 7:30 am reservation time.  Nic, Josh and Andrew (Joseph's roommate) rode in the back of the covered truck, Mary, Becca and Joseph in the back seat and Bruce and I in the front seat.  Libby rode the whole way down in "the coffin" (inside family joke).  She said as long as she can listen to Words of Rafiance on headphones she would be all right!  What a trooper! I'm explaining this all for Jesse - she'll get it.
Nic's bed head from sleeping all the way down:
Josephand Andrew in the underground parking lot. (Becca and Libby peeking in from the sides).
The Open House was awesome!  We loved the beautiful designs and architecture. I was especially impressed withe cathedral like high ceilings, and I loved the murals on the walls. The Spirit was abundant.  In the Celestial Room we gathered everyone in a circle for a moment and put in ou hands and whispered, Suuuure love ya!
This is at the reception afterwards.
And some more pics from outside the Temple.

Mount Timpanogos was shining in all her majestic snow-covered glory.  What a sight!

We ate all you can eat French Toast at Kneader's afterwards, and also went to visit cousin Derek in his apartment. It was super fun to see him!
On our way home, we were stuffed, but Josh insisted we stop and eat at In n Out Burger.  It was good, have to admit!

Joseph did some hairy driving through the snow, and we made it back to Grandma's safely.  That night we had a birthday dinner for Joseph at Craig and Jenette's.  We laughed and talked about our favorite Studio C skits, movies, etc.  we had a great time.

Today I was watching Grandpa while Mom, Libby and Bruce went to Church, and he did fine until right when Bruce and Libby walked through the door.  Then I looked down and Grandpa was having a seizure.  Oh man, that just drops your heart.  I called Hospice and he had one more seizure after that.  Bruce was able to pick him up and take him to his bed when he was done.  He is all right tonight though, and he has stabilized tonight.  

We've had a wonderful wee!kebd

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