Monday, January 11, 2016

Mary Goes to College!

After waiting 7 months from the time of her graduation, it was finally time for Mary to go to College!  She said good-bye to the great friends she made at her job at the dry cleaners, packed up her room (that was hard), packed her bags (there mere MANY of them), and we headed to BYU Idaho!  But first came the good-bye pictures, taken by Nic.
 We had a doozie of a time taking this picture because Josh felt like he wasn't seen enough, and Mary was telling him where to stand... it didn't work very well.  After Nic approached everyone with his arms out saying, "Peace and love..." people finally calmed down enough to take the picture.  Ahh - family life!
Becca and Mary!  These two have been dear friends the last 2 years.  Thank goodness for friends who understand you and love you!
 Mary, Josh and Becca singing.
 Mary had fun attending all the new student orientations.  Here she is in one of  the activities (in the red pants) in the gym at the I-Center.
 Josh came over at the same time (in a different car - long story), and Nic and I got to watch him practice with Apollo.  They sang at the new student orientation to recruit students to the School of Music.  It was really fun to watch Josh in the rehearsal.  I can see why he loves to sing with Apollo - they have so much fun together!
Mary is rooming with her cousin Kaylee, so they are going to have a great time together!  So happy about that!  Joseph also moved in and started the Winter Semester.  He is rooming with Freddy, longtime friend form our ward, and his old roomate Andrew, and one of his mission buddies, E. Halter.

Nic and I drove back together.  We got to my Mom's house just in time to help her with Grandpa (we call him that, but it's my Dad), who was throwing up.  She was so relieved I was there, but I really didn't do much to help.  Just the moral support is a help to her, I think.  Thankfully, Grandpa is doing a lot better.

Joseph told me on Wednesday that he was coming back with Andrew for the weekend.  When Josh, Dania (friend) and I got back from the Temple, they had September going so we walked into the kitchen and started dancing.  It only took me about 5 seconds to say, "Oh, I wish Mary was here!"  And immediately, I saw Mary jump out from the hallway and say, "She is here!"  Hahaha!  Wahoo!  She came with Joseph!  It's funny because I was just talking to her that afternoon saying,"I'm really proud of you for staying in Rexburg.  It's a good sign that you are focused and not running home on the first weekend."  Well, all that sound advice went down the drain when we started dancing and she wasn't there.  And then she was!  Haha!  I was so happy to see her!  What a great time we have dancing around the kitchen!  (Jesse - don't you worry - we did some good Jesse impressions of your favorite dance move.  Libby even got up on the bar and did some good foot stomping!)
We had a fun weekend with Mary and Joseph home!

Sunday night we had Gérard and Michelle, Shawn & Nicole and little Emma over for dinner.  We had Lasagna, salad, and Bruce's delicious dutch oven artisan bread.  And Michelle brought over cinnamon rolls too.  It was delightful to be with them.

We traded Mary for Josh!  (You gotta love this track system with BYU-Idaho).  It's been fun having him home!  I am especially enjoying his piano playing!  He is right now playing the theme from Pride & Prejudice.  So beautiful!  Josh got called to be a Branch missionary, and specifically to teach the Gospel Principles class.  That's what I am doing too!  I guess he taught so well last week, that Erica was pounding down the door of the Branch President to get Josh called as the permanent teacher.  :)  Erica assists Russell in the Ward Mission Leader capacity.  Lots of missionaries now in the family!

We are off to a great year in 2016!

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