Sunday, November 8, 2015

High on the Mountain Top

Bruce and Peter went elk hunting this week.
Peter eating a snack.  (You should see all the yummy food they take up hunting...)
Mackee and Strawberry got to go on this trip.  Bruce said they did awesome.
They rode about six hours a day.
There wasn't any snow up there, which made it nice.
They saw a ton of deer, but only two elk cows, so needless to say, they didn't get anything.  They went to bed at 7:00 pm every night and got up by 5 or 5:30.  These are Bruce's ideal sleeping hours, and Peter didn't think it was too shabby either.  He was in bed tonight (Sunday night) by 8 pm!
The view from the top!
They took Achacachi and Huanuni, our two llamas, but Bruce said they were no good.  The horses basically had to drag them along.  Sad!  (They are old).

Libby joined a local swim team!  This is her on the right, and on the left is her friend Ellie, who recruited her to come and swim.  I love it that she is swimming.  I swam for a year my senior in high school, and it was by far the best shape I've ever been in.  Libby, Peter and Mary are also doing Ballroom dance once a week.  They have managed to recruit new people from Middleton, so it's a ton of fun! 
Joseph cooked breakfast for at least two different girls this week.  Way to go Joseph!  I'm not supposed to know that, because he hasn't told me, but I have my ways of knowing.  I'm sure he'll marry one of them.  (I said that just to bug him).
Here is Jesse with her companion that she is training!  They are doing great.
We got to see Dan and Jessica last night at Brighton & Wade's reception.  We had a good laugh over the "I Got Bills" dance.  Dan is a good sport!

Mary and I had good discussions about what we would do and not do for her reception.  No, this is not an announcement, just a general discussion.  (Well, sort of...  ha ha)

Check out this video that my nephew Kaleb made of Josh and his a Capella group, Apollo.  So fun!  Between speaking at Stake Conference and singing at I-Cover last night, Josh had a busy and productive night!

Tonight we had Gerard & Michelle over for dinner, along with Daniel (who likes to be called Dewey), Nicole & Shawn, and little Emma.  We are back to family dinners on Sundays.  Yeah! We have really missed that, and are glad to be back doing it again.

One last note on the recent handbook changes by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints having to do with same-sex relationships and children from those relationships: I'm so grateful to the Lord for giving his prophets and apostles guidance on how to protect children and teach adults everywhere to focus on giving children the right to be raised in a home and family with a mother and a father.  And where they are not, giving them space to be raised without conflict and confusion until they are able to reach adulthood and can decide for themselves what they want their own family to look like.  Rather than persecution, it is protection, and I see that as a real beacon for adults who truly care about the long-term rights of children.

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