Sunday, November 29, 2015

Come Ye Thankful People,Come

Happy Thanksgiving!  We arrived Tuesday night late at my Mom & Dad's house.  Peter drove most of the way and did a great job!  

Bruce and Rodney - brothers-in-law.
Rodney's Dad Lyle - going strong at 92, and Mary.
Alyssa, Caleb and Aunt Angie
Lorena and Angie - it's always fun to be with my sister!
Alyssa made every person in attendance a custom place card made out of craft sticks, felt and her own drawing.  They were so creative!  Betcha can't guess what mine was?  Young Living Essential Oils, of course!
The whole crew!
Our family (the boys went Indian style):  Peter, Joshua, Joseph, Dad, Mom, Libby and Mary.  We miss you Jesse!
Gettin' ready for the fixins.
We three made a lot of food!  It was a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner - I don't know that I've ever had a better one.  What a blessing to be surrounded by good food and family in warm shelter!
On Thanksgiving Day, I got a call from a lady in Jesse's mission that was in our hometown area.  Unfortunately, I wasn't there to send a package back for her, but I got to hear all about Jesse's new companion.  She is from the town right next to ours in Idaho!  When Mary looked her up on Facebook, she and Mary had 29 mutual friends!  What a hoot.  One of the mutual friends was Mary's boyfriend Chet, who is serving a mission in the Netherlands Belgium mission.  What a small world!  Jesse got called to be a Sister Training Leader, and she is excited about the opportunity to serve!

These crazies, along with Ethan, went out at 2 am and sat in front of Cabela's for 3 hours until 5 am.  The temperature was 1 degree Farenheit, but the wind chill made it -11, I believe.  And Bruce actually wanted me to go with them!  No way, no how, was my answer.  But they did it, and they did get some sweet deals that they were happy with!

This is Joseph the week before up on top of the silo at his work.
On Black Friday, after getting up at 2 am, Joseph and Peter took off to go skiing at Jackson!
They said the snow was awesome.  Peter snowboarded.
On Sunday, it was pile on the couch time.  The two little girls couldn't stop laughing at all of our kids on the couch, and they joined in the pile.  The younger of the two saw a picture of Jesse and talked to Mary all about going to the store with Jesse and coming home and eating.
After we left to drive home, Joseph settled in for a good Sunday nap!

We made it home in time for a good game of Rook, which went back and forth and all over, but Mary finally won!  We are getting to be quite the Rook players! 

I cannot end this Thanksgiving post with expressing my gratitude for profound blessings in every area of my life.  Where much is given, much is expected, and yet even then, I know that I am enabled, guided and comforted every step of the way.  What joy this brings!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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