Monday, November 23, 2015

Eagle Scout Project!

Jesse is up in the High Desert in California on her mission, and it gets cold at night in the desert!  When we planned for her mission, all we heard and thought of was HOT.  So when I saw "Hard Freeze" on my Storm app located over her town in CA, and she had written home that she was cold, I got a little stressed out.  Thankfully, this wonderful lady named Beth, pictured below with Jesse and her companion, had contacted me last month and we had written and talked to each other.  So I was able to text her and say, "Help!"
She went to the local store and bought Jesse some sweaters and tights, and Jesse was able to buy some boots.  And then she gave her a coat as well.  How grateful I am for "Sisters in Zion".  I didn't get any specifics on these pictures, but Jesse has written about Beth's daughter Hannah who reminds her of Mary.  I think this is her!
And another one of Beth and Jesse.  Beth just told me this week that Jesse is going to be transferred today, which was a total surprise.  I thought since she was training she would be there another transfer, but I guess that's not the case.  Jesse has loved this companion, so she will miss her!
Last week Jesse also had the wonderful occasion of the baptism of Rick.  When you are growing up, you want to do something that will change the world.  and how wonderful is it that Jesse is able to be on a mission and do just that - change the world of one individual at a time.  Eternity just took a different course for Rick, the man pictured below here on the right.  The man on the left is President Beazle. 

 Peter and Travis participated in the local Honor Choir this week!  Of course their favorite part was eating at the all-you-can-eat buffet at the university!  I asked Peter if he me any cute girls, and he said, "All the cute girls were from _____ (our home town)."  Ha ha!  That cracked me up.  Give him a few years...
Travis, Kevin and Peter.  

Peter also completed his Eagle Project this week!  The project was building shelves at the High School for the soccer team closet.  They started at home in our shop by cutting wood and painting shelves.
Then they met together last Saturday and completed the project on site.

Thank you to these fine gentleman who came to help!  Braden, Devyn, Gary, Bruce, Isaac, Parker, Todd, and Jay; Jacob, Peter and Brett.  Now for the paper work...

AND (this has been an eventful week for Peter), guess who has their driving permit?!
Watch out world!

I fell asleep after family scripture study last week (which begins at 6 am), and had a dream that someone was playing the piano.  I looked over the stairwell to see who it was, and found that Libby was at the piano, but she wasn't really playing, it was a player-piano and it was playing by itself.  I was SO disappointed in my dream.  I thought, "Oh, I would give anything if Libby could really play that piece.  It's so beautiful."  And then I slowly came to a waking state and realized that Libby was in the living room playing the piano, and it was her!  It was her song she is getting ready to play at the Recital next week.  And it was Libby - and she could play it!  I was SO HAPPY!  :)  Love this girl!

Mary got registered this week for 16 credits at BYU-Idaho!

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