Sunday, December 6, 2015

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Libby had a piano recital this week!  She got to play on Steinway & Sons 9 ft grand.  What a magnificent instrument.  I tried it myself after the Recital, playing my signature Chopin that I learned at BYU 30 years ago.  I've still got it!  And so does Libby!  Here she is playing an arrangement of The First Noel and Minuet in G.

Jeff , Libby's piano teacher, has been a great teacher over the years for our kids.
Jesse and her new companion!  They are Sister Training Leaders together.  The companion is on her last transfer, so Jesse is learning a ton from her!
Setting up the Christmas Tree!

Peter got to put the top of the tree on for the first time!

Joshua has been performing this semester with his a Capella group Apollo at BYU-Idaho.  He loves performing with them!

Bruce brought home a big couch, lounge chair and ottoman this week that was given to him by Cassidy, a co-worker.  This continues our streak of never having bought a couch/sofa our whole married life.  Seriously!  Every couch we have in this whole house has been given to us.  Besides having very generous friends and family, we are not very picky.  But the lounge chair and ottoman are interesting because for the last month or so I've been mulling over the fact that I need a comfortable chair in my office for people to do visualizations and trauma clearings, and knowing clearly that such a thing was way down on the money priority list.  But I walk into my office this week, and Voila!  There it sat.  I used it for two trauma clearings and a visualization in the next two days!  Wow - talk about putting it out there and the Universe Heavenly Father responding.   I'm really grateful! And I hope it will be a blessing to many people that sit in my office.  We put the big couch in the family room and moved the living room couch back to the living room!  (Well, it will go there eventually - right now it is on the front porch because of the Christmas tree - looking SO redneck.)  Will public humiliation on the blog cause Bruce to move it off the front porch?  No.  For sure not.  But he said he and Peter had a plan of where to put it...  I'm a bit nervous about that.

The First Presidency Christmas Devotional was wonderful, but it left the rest of the family in a bit of "after-devo-coma".#Classic #armsandlegseverywhere  #newloungechair

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