Sunday, October 4, 2015

We Thank Thee, O God, For a Prophet

Nic, Mary and Joseph went on a road trip to General Conference this weekend!

 Mary posted on Facebook, "This morning I went to conference. I know that the Prophet and Apostles are inspired and have the authority from God to run His church. This morning when the prophet and first presidency walked in and everyone stood up, I could feel it so much! I just wanted to shout praises to the Lord. I thank thee, O God, for a prophet!
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They met up with friends Marisol, Shailor and Denise.
What a wonderful General Conference!  The calling of three new apostles at once has not happened since 1906.  It was history in the making.  Elders Rasband, Stevenson and Renlund will be wonderful apostles.  I'm so grateful for the calling of Apostle and Prophet.  They are set up as a great protection for us.  In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there is the unique opportunity to be both led by personal revelation and the voice of the living prophet, and therein lies the protection from being deceived and led astray.  I am so grateful for this protection!

Libby has been doing "plush blanket art" on the counter.  Jesse - this is your green blanket that Kalli gave you for Christmas.  :)
Libby selfie!  This is where she can be found 24/7 - well that's exaggerating, but not by much.  This is her favorite reading spot.
Nic took this picture earlier in the week.
It's Libby and Mary asleep on the massage table in my office.  This is mid-afternoon.  They take after their mama - they can sleep anywhere, anytime.

Peter asked Nic to help him make a water turbine on Friday.  It generated up to 44 volts!
Nic is so kind to spend time with Peter - we appreciate him so much. (But truth be told - Nic had as much fun as Peter did - haha.)

We had a challenge this week with the battery on the Honda Accord.  It took us awhile to figure out what was going on, and in the meantime, Bruce put in a spare battery and we were jumping it from the spare in the back seat everywhere we went.  When Libby and I were out running errands, we jumped it 3 or 4 times in a row.  Finally I said, "This might be the last time we do this (because we were going to buy a new one)," and Libby replied, "Oh, and we were just getting a system down.  That's not good!"  We had a good laugh over it! 

It's so good to laugh.  I went through a time in my life where laughter felt foreign.  It doesn't feel so now, and I'm ever grateful for that!

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