Monday, October 19, 2015

Cider Festival!

We had our 16th Annual Cider Festival this week.  It's always a miracle that we pull it off.  This year I got stung by a bee two days before and my arm got swollen and infected from the sting.  I pulled out all my healing arts tools for this one, as it was a pretty serious infection, but thanks to the healing power of the Great Physician, assisted by some wonderful friends, I was able to be functional enough to make all the doughnuts on Saturday and be fully present for the event. It was truly a miracle.

(Blog warning: Lorena gets up on Soapbox)
In the past, I would have written a whole blog on just what tools from the healing arts I used, but because I didn't use a pharmaceutical drug, and because of FDA regulations, I cannot link any unproven remedy to an ailment.  This is a recent change.  Up until now, I was able to at least share my own experience, but that is no longer the case.  This is so pharmaceutical companies that spend millions of dollars proving that their product is effective can connect their product with curing ailments.  It's important that these companies justify the money they spent on these studies.  Meanwhile, when a natural remedy is effective, we are silenced.   Be assured that I am looking to vote fore people who will change these regulations, but in the meantime, I am able to say I was much improved and functional, but not able to share how that happened.  However, I will say that all healing (whether you use a pharmaceutical drug or not) takes place because of Jesus Christ, and His healing power.  He is the light and life of the world, and I witness my gratitude for Him.
(Lorena gets down from Soapbox)

SO, we had a wonderful time, and here is an essay in pictures of the event.  Thank you to Nic, who attended the Cider Festival for the first time (what???) for taking these pictures!  (And Mary and Becca helped).

Hello Duke and Daisy!
Nic, Mary and Becca

Talia helps Bruce press the cider.
Hello Buttercup!
I had great help from Royden and Penny frying the doughnuts, and earlier from Collette.
The final product!
Here's Mary turning on the charm!
Nic liked the doughnuts!
I love this man.

This little guy balled his eyes out when his Mom told him it was time to go.  :)

Bruce said these boys pressed most of the cider.  They worked hard!

My next rotation of helpers with the doughnuts.  Thanks guys!
Pumpkin/apple/straw art!
Poor Emma was not up for this tractor ride!  Mean Uncle Bruce!

Thank you to all who came, participated, brought chili, and helped in any way.  We had a wonderful time with family and friends!

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