Sunday, September 6, 2015

Now Thank We All Our God

Our strawberry patch didn't do too well this year, but early in the week I walked past and saw these beautiful strawberries just sitting there.  No one else was home, and as my great-great grandfather Ephraim K. Hanks said, "I wasn't at a loss to know what to do."  They were delicious.
Everybody pile on top of Dad.  This is the girls' mantra.
Peter running off the field after his JV soccer game.  Way to go Peter!  He hasn't gotten too much playing time, so that has been a learning experience.  But he talked to the coach about what he could do to improve, and he's working hard.
Joseph and Dad went with Randy hunting about 3 hours away.  They went bow hunting, but didn't have any success because the bulls were not bugling yet.  When they would get close to them, they would hear them and run away.  But they had a good time anyway.

The next day after getting home from hunting, Joseph and Josh went drove to San Diego, California this week, along with friend Logan, to their roommate Dan's wedding to Jessica.  Look where they passed through - Bakersfield!
Josh, Dan, Logan and Joseph at the beach!  Finally, at least two of my children have been at a warm beach.  I'm happy about that!
They also went to an aircraft carrier, the Midway.
Joseph sent me this picture the wedding day, and said that he wanted to elope, that he didn't want to do this.  Well, he'll have to find a girl that wants to give up her wedding day.  I think I'll have to do some explaining to Joseph when he gets back...
Josh at the wedding reception.  :)
Driving through Los Angeles
And look at that sign - Tehachapi!
And here they are at the Mission Office!

We did this to Joseph too - went to his mission office and took a picture.  Are you weirded out yet, Jesse?!  Correction:  They never actually went to the mission office - they were out of time - but they did look it up.  :)

In the meantime, back at the ranch (so to speak), Libby has big news.  She finally got a cell phone!  It's a "basic" phone - an LG Cosmos 3.  And Peter moved to Jesse's old Samsung slider phone.  I can't tell you how glad I am that Libby and Peter both have phones now.  Yeah!

I have had an incredible week of working with the Healer's Blueprint with clients and friends.  I think I did a balance every day, and some days two.  I am still getting used to the rigors of it because I got a cold and a cough during the week.  It didn't affect my functionality, but I realized that it may be because I'm still getting used to the intense nature of the work.  I will get stronger!  It really is a miracle to me, though, how the Lord has brought this about.   I have been so humbled and honored to work with friends who truly have been through horrendous things, and yet have come through with such willing and faithful hearts.  I am strengthened by their courage and their valiant lives.  I also had two friends this week whose children suffered falls and had signs of concussions, who were healed by priesthood blessings.  It was truly a miracle.

I am so full of gratitude for the Lord's bounteous blessings to our family.  I know HE lives!  I desire more than anything in my life to be among the meek and humble followers of Jesus Christ, who are valiant in their testimony of Him.  I love my Savior and Redeemer and acknowledge his mighty hand in making me whole, and making whole my wonderful friends who come seeking healing.  He is the Master Physician and the Great Healer.

In any way I can, I want to witness that we can TRUST HIM.  His word is sure, and even though it may seem to you at a dark time in your life that you are out in the wilderness with nowhere to turn, keep moving forward with your faith, even though it may be a flickering candle.  Keep that simple light shining in your heart, because it is the Lord's light, and it will grow brighter as you move forward.  I have found that to be true in my own life, and I witness to you that it can be the same in yours.  There is hope and help and there are blessings ahead!

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