Monday, September 14, 2015

Dancin' in September

Joshua and Joseph drove through the night on their way home from San Diego and got home at 6:00 am in the morning on Labor Day.  We, of course, were planning on sleeping in, but we were interrupted by these two big yahoos jumping on our bed!  They had gone and woken up the rest of the kids too, so pretty soon here was everybody in a big dogpile on our bed.  Good thing it is a King Size bed.  It lasted for awhile and then, to no one's surprise, it deteriorated quickly.  It's a miracle no one got hurt, is all I have to say.  Then we all went in to the kitchen and had a dance party, dancing to September, Juicy Wiggle and something else I can't remember - but there were 3 songs.  Fun!  And then we had scripture study and prayer.  It was great family time!

Later in the morning Gerard and Michelle came over and we had breakfast together before Gerard took Mary, Peter and Libby to fly in an airplane!
Unfortunately, the plane wouldn't start, so they weren't able to go up that day, but they will go another time.  It's really great to have an uncle that's a pilot!

Joshua and Joseph left early the next morning to drive back to school.  Joshua is going the Fall Semester, and Joseph is living with my Mom & Dad and working.  Josh is rooming with cousin Kaleb, so that is going to be fun for them!

Well, we said goodbye to Muy Bueno this week!  This was Jesse's nickname for our green 2002 Town & Country van.  We've had it since 2007.  We decided to go with the money from the insurance settlement instead of buying it back from the junkyard.  It was hard because Jesse and Muy Bueno made a deal that it would make it to 300,000 miles.  Maybe some poor soul will still drive it to 300,000 but it won't be us.
It served us well, but when it looked like this, it was "pretty much done fer."

Bruce & I had a wonderful weekend at the "Couples Retreat" that Bruce's sister Michelle planned.  4 out of the five siblings came with their spouses:  Shawn & Janel, Bruce & I, Gerard & Michelle, and Gary & Heidi.
 It was delightful!  We mostly just sat around and talked and ate wonderful food! We did take a "field trip" to the farm to help Gary & Heidi load llamas.

There are so many memories out at the farm.  Shawn & Janel hadn't been there since Mom (LuJeanne) passed away, so there were some sweet memories and tears shed as we remembered her.  Her imprint is in every corner of that farm.
This is the same table that their parents had in the house growing up, so we took a picture of them all sitting around that table.  I really love this picture.  (Thy fly swatter hanging on the wall in the back completes the picture!)
 Shawn and Bruce were always in the middle, so they always had to crawl out underneath if they wanted to get out.
 A trip to the farm is not complete without going to Arctic Circle!
That night we watched the BYU vs. BSU football game, and did our share of standing and cheering!  What a game!  Thank you to Gerard and Michelle for hosting this Couples Retreat.  We will do it again next year for sure!

Libby had a science project to see how far paper airplanes could fly.
She had her first soccer game this week too!  She played middle defender the whole time, taking after her sisters!

Peter got a lot more playing time this week in his soccer games.  He played really hard in practice, and the coach gave him some high praise before their last game.  Way to work hard, Peter!

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