Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break and Easter!

We had a mellow spring break, but everyone got a lot of rest and relaxation.

Jesse has decided to go to BYU starting in the summer term.  Orientation day is June 21st!  Since she doesn't turn 18 until August, we gave her an early going-away present.

The t-shirt says, "I am 17 years old".

Bahahahaha!  We laughed so hard over that t-shirt.  Bruce wants her to wear it on anyone she goes on a second date with.  Ha ha ha!

Joseph's Visa to Argentina did not arrive, so while he waits for it to go through, he is serving in the Utah Ogden Central mission.

Joseph and his trainer

One of the neatest things to come out of this Ogden stay is that he got to see Jose Roberto, from our old Spanish Branch, that is serving in that mission!  So cool!  We were hoping that he would be his trainer, but that wasn't the case.

Joshua sent home these beautiful pictures last week.  Happy day!
This last picture is so poignant.  This sweet hermana had a broken arm, and they hadn't been able to do a surgery yet.  It took them five times, but they finally got her, and her clothing, totally immersed in the water!

Bruce, Jesse, Mary, Peter and some others went on a ride on what Joseph termed "The Gauntlet":
Jesse and Mary went on a bike ride with Erica on the Green Belt.

We got a visit from Josh's friends, Connor and Drew, who have returned from their missions recently.  It was so fun to see them!
We also went to Josh's Homecoming (not our Josh), who just returned from Ecuador.  Both he and Connor gave wonderful homecoming talks on Sunday.

On Saturday, we took five horses and went on a horseback ride in the mountains.  This was the first time we have done this - with our own equipment, horses, trailer, and just by ourselves.  It was fun!
Jesse, Mary, Peter, and Libby and I.

Libby and I on Sleepy River McGee.

Romance on the trail! (It looked like Man from Snowy River)

Peter had a hard time on Zenos.  She needs more training!

The view was the best part.  The landscape, not so much.

Here is a picture of Jesse and Denise, her dear friend from Madrigals.  Denise is headed off to Panama for her mission!
Pictures of Mary and Libby on Easter:

For dinner on Easter Sunday, we had grilled six T-bone steaks, one for each plate.  Wow - it was yummy!  We went for a walk as a family, and sat in the green grass in the Commons area of our neighborhood and talked.  It's fun to talk like that with no distractions.  The kids played Qwirkle, and we made commitments about what we're doing for our town's "Unplugged" Month, where we go off of electronics for entertainment.  We then gathered some Easter Eggs and went through the Easter Story with the little props in the plastic Easter eggs that Jesse made years ago in Activity Days.

It was a wonderful day, and we loved thinking about our Savior even more than we usually do, and the incredible gift He has given us in the Atonement.


lifecontinues said...

That is amazing to think of Jesse at BYU already. Maybe my Brian can look her up (no 2nd dates of course:)

Love the many pictures ---you're such a great family!

Lorena said...

Second dates from Brian will be accepted! Oh... wait... are we not doing arranged marriages..?? ha ha