Monday, April 15, 2013

Senior Prom

 I started out the week doing a booth at our local Preparedness Fair.  It was really fun to see who would stop by and check out Young Living Essential Oils.  I handed out a great flyer about why you need essential oils for preparedness.  Mostly it was fun just to visit with good friends, like these guys!
Drew, Connor and Todd
Peter and Libby have both started RAD (Race Against Drugs) practice.  Peter has a solo with the "surfer dudes" and Libby is dancing in several songs.  They have a lot of fun  with this musical presentation at their school.

Bruce was gone all this week on a business trip to TelAviv.  He got to go to Jerusalem on his last day there.  He was following a GPS and found himself driving down a walking only street in Mea Shearim!  That is the neighborhood in Jerusalem where all the Orthodox Jews live.  So he turned around and found another way to Jaffa Gate.  He went to visit Omar's, where we bought our olive wood Nativity Set years 23 years ago, but it was closed for the night.  He bought three clay olive oil lamps in East Jerusalem.  They were wrapped in newspaper that was written in Arabic.  It was pretty cool to see what that looked like!  He got home on Saturday afternoon, and we were so glad to have him home!

Libby got her new glasses this week!

She ran around for hours saying, "I can see this!  I can see that!".  She looks so cute!

I got the great idea to have a Foot Zone Open House at our house once a week.  I invite all my old students, and they come and give and receive a foot zone.  It's so great for practice and also just getting the therapy.

We had a meeting Friday night for the people who are going to Martin's Cove.  Bruce got nominated to be the Trek leader, which is right up his alley.  He will have fun doing that.  We did this back in 2009, and we are excited to do it again.  Only this time we will only have half of our children there.  Only four years later, and half of our children have left home.  Jesse will be starting BYU in the Summer Term, and she won't be able to skip classes that early in the term.  We will miss those three oldest yahoos!  But now it's time to focus on Mary, Peter and Libby.  They are ready to get full time attention!

I was able to get to the Temple early Saturday morning.  My friends, Shauna and Teresa, and I have been doing an in-depth study this week on the Creation.  We studied Genesis, Moses and Abraham's accounts of the creation, and then we each went to the Temple on Saturday to compare what it teaches about the Creation.  It was great to discuss and talk about it with them!  I just love being in the Temple.  I am SO grateful for the peace I feel there, and the closeness I feel to my Father in Heaven.  I truly feel like I'm going to his home, and I'm welcomed in and loved.  I'm fed (spiritually) and nurtured in knowledge and truth.  I love to sit in the Celestial Room and have an open line of communication with heaven.  I am so grateful for the Temple.

Thanks to Kristie's mom, Susan, I figured out how to alter Jesse's dress to fit her better.  She and Tyler went on a "day-date" at about 8:30 am.  They got back about two o'clock, and then the frantic "getting ready" began.  Jesse went to get her make-up and hair done with Crissy, and then she came back and waited while I finished up the last few stitches.  I was really proud of myself for altering the dress the way I did.  I felt like jumping up and down like a little girl.  I did it!  ha ha ha

I woke up Bruce from his "jet-lag" nap, and he went and got his rifle and rifle cleaning kit so he could be "cleaning his gun" when Tyler came.  Ha ha!  It was all for laughs ahead of time, of course.  He later said, "I never even cocked my gun!"

Tori came over and we had fun sitting around waiting for Tyler to come.

 He brought a beautiful corsage!

 Later, we took some pictures with the big group.
 Jesse was excited to go with someone that she was actually friends with and talked to on a regular basis!  She looked beeeeautiful!!  

Austin and date, Holli & Caleb, Kylie & Braden, Jesse & Tyler, Brianna & Josh, Macey & Caleb

They ate dinner ate a Japanese Steak House where they make the dinner right in front of you.  Jesse had never seen that before.  Then they went to the dance at the High School and had a lot of fun there.  Afterwards, they went and watched a movie and then came home.  She said there was one word for it:  F-U-N.

We got to see Joseph on a clip that aired on KSL-TV in Salt Lake last weekend.  He is singing in the MTC Choir!  We took a screen shot from the video and here it is:
They show him for about 2-3 seconds.  So fun!

Josh wrote home that he and his companion set a goal to have 25 investigators in Church last Sunday to see la Conferencia General.  He said they prayed really hard and then went to work.  They worked closely with the members, and that Sunday, they had 24 investigators in Church.  WOW!  I never dreamed of having that many people in a meeting my whole mission.  What a great blessing, with the members working hard along side the missionaries.  That is truly inspiring.  Go La Union!!

Joseph said last week that he had just been to the Consulate, and that his visa was going to be here probably in the next two weeks.  Yea!

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