Monday, April 22, 2013

Appraising April

Jesse and Mary had Festival for Madrigal last week.  They sang Solemn Shore, Prayer of  the Children and Chile con Carne.  They did a fantastic job.  The judges changed the scoring system this year, and they got a 95 out 100.  After three years of Madrigals, this is Jesse's last performance of serious Madrigal songs!  That's always a sobering thought.

Josh, Calvin, Drew, Brighton, Joseph, Hunter, Josh, Connor, Travis, Freddy, Braden, Dominic, Holli, Jesse, Brianna, Sam, Amy, Kimi, Brighton, Kylie, Jill, Kalli, Mary and Elizabeth.
 Congratulations Madrigals!  I loved hearing you sing this year!

My friend Todd has been encouraging bugging me for months to read Way of the Kings, by Brandon Sanderson.  Alright, already!  He said he has read it seven times.  So I started it Tuesday night.  I read all day Wednesday and into the wee hours of the morning, all day Thursday and into the wee hours of the morning.  I finished Fri morning at 4 am!  It was a really good book, but can I confess that I was totally confused!  Have no doubt that it's entertaining - it keeps you enthralled.  But what in the world is going on?!  Anyone that is reading this and would like to discuss this book with me, please do!  No wonder Todd has read this book seven times - it would take that many times to understand it.  And add to that a cliffhanger at the end...  Aaaahhhh.

Mary got new glasses this week!  She doesn't wear them all the time, like Libby does.  She just needs them to read.

Thursday was Senior Skip Day!  Here are some fun pictures:
Mattresses stuck in Kalli's car for the sleepover

Jesse and Erica

Sophia and Jesse

Riding bikes on the Greenbelt


Sophia and Travis

Tyler (and Kayla not far behind)

Skyler, Kalli, Travis, Sophia, Kayla, Tyler, Kalli, Jesse, and Tamzen taking the picture

Friday, I taught a Raindrop class and then had a Foot Zone Open House in the afternoon.  Only Janet showed up, but it will still fun to give a FZ and receive one.  I did much better than last week - not nearly as sore, so I was happy about that.

On Saturday, Peter, Libby and Mary all went to the FX Show Choir Camp.  The dance this year will be to Hakuna Matata.  Jesse said that Joseph always wanted that to be the song.

We also got a visit on Saturday from these fine returned missionaries.
Connor and Josh
Josh has been begging me for a Raindrop, so I gave him Raindrop in the afternoon before going over to Andrew and Lisa's reception and going to the Adult Session of Stake Conference.  Bruce was supposed to meet me there, but he fell asleep and came late.  And then he wanted to leave early afterwards.  We had to have some discussions about this.  :)

Life rolls along, and we're so grateful for wonderful blessings.


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