Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 New Year's Resolution

I hope you all had a fun celebration last night! We had five couples over for a small party. We played games and had some good food. The kids had the most fun - they were downstairs with the stereo blasted, using flashlights for strobe lights and dancing away. If I weren't getting old, I would have preferred to be downstairs!

Here is my New Year's Resolution for the Year 2009. I'm going to be punctual. On time. Now if you know me don't fall of your chair! Ha ha On December 21, 1856, my great-great-grandfather, James Henry Martineau recorded Elder Heber C. Kimball as saying, "Punctuality is integrity."

I'm going to hang that up and take it as my motto this year. I pride myself on being honest, and yet when I am late to things, I am not doing what I say I will do. I want to have integrity - and thus I want to be punctual.

This is going to take some doing on my part. Some real, life-changing doing. I believe it will be a work in progress, and I'll make some mistakes, but I won't quit trying.

In 2008 I made some great changes with finances and diet, so this punctuality issue is the next flaw on the chopping block. The next weakness that is going to be chipped off.

For those of you who haven't read Twilight, you won't understand this, but for those of you who have:

This is really strange, but the mental image I have is that of a Meyeresque Vampire, like Edward, whose core is marble, whose core is impenetrable. I think of temptation as a dart, and my resolve , my resolution, as the stone that Edward is made of. The temptation hits me and I look down while it simply drops to the ground. And I walk away without picking it up. And there is no mark, no spot, no problem.

Bruce says I'm way too hot to be a vampire. :)

Happy New Year!


wenderful said...

OK, on time. A great goal. I oughta adopt that one too. Maybe. Now the mental image of Edward...isn't that temptation itself? Just kidding. Great idea. Happy New Year friend!

The Draper Fam said...

Thanks for having us over to ring in the New Year! The kids had a blast with the dance party and they talked about it for 2 days afterward. Nothing like an AWESOME Holmstead party.
Although we are getting older, it sure felt great to sit and have a ladies chat while the men duked it out on the ping pong table! Dance party next year??

Love you Bruce and Lorena!!ps- Wonderful testimonies yesterday. Your examples in many categories are sparking the Draper family resolutions.