Wednesday, December 31, 2008

After Christmas Fun

Man, we've been having fun! The day after Christmas Whitney, Stetson, Bruce and I went on a horseback ride. I rode May for the first time. She started to buck one time but she stopped before I went off, so that was good! Ha ha It was really fun to go riding with knowledgeable horse riders.

That evening, we started our 24-hour Anniversary Date. Nineteen years and still going strong! We had a wonderful day, especially because Stetson and Whitney stayed with the kids and made sure they were fed and didn't set the house on fire! Thanks guys!

It's pretty incredible to be married to someone like Bruce. When we were dating, he was my wildest dream come true, and he still continues to be just that. I love you Bruce!When we got home that night, there was a sign on our bedroom door that said "The Honeymoon Suite", and this Welch's Sparkling grape juice was on our bed. These types of things happen when Whitney is around! Thanks Whit!

We also came home the next day to a rousing round of Speed Settler's. This was not for the faint of heart. We've also been playing Blokus, Puerto Rico (my favorite), Great Dalmuti, and Ticket to Ride.

On Sunday night, we went over to Stephen & Kendra's to eat, visit and play games.
We had a great fun playing the card game Great Dalmuti. Joshua Bruce was the Great Dalmuti the WHOLE game!
We had to have this shot in particular where Josh was the Great Dalmuti, and Bruce the Greater Peon. Yes - this was worth recording, for Joshua's sake, as his main goal in life is to beat his Dad at something. (I'm gonna hear about this - about the ping-pong game where Josh won. So yes - he did beat Dad once at ping-pong!)

This is a video of Libby playing Silent Night. She recorded herself playing the song. At one point on Christmas Day we heard the song playing, and both Bruce and I assumed it was one of the older kids. But then Bruce looked at me and said, "That's Libby playing!" It's pretty fun to have one of your children surprise you like that. Very fun!

Lastly, we have to show off Peter's rocket launch! This was one of his presents from Santa Claus. He asked for a rocket because they had done an Enrichment Unit at his School on rockets, so he knew all about them. Cousin Josh was with us for the launch, and he got this sequence picture with his camera. Click on it to see a zoom of the picture. Peter and Libby's friends, Kole and Dallas, were also over to see the launch. We launched it three times. The first time (video below) the parachute didn't come out very well, but the next two times it did. It's interesting that launching that rocket was so entertaining. Has anyone ever seen a real rocket launch? Let's hear your story if you have!

One of the delights of the week has been having our nephew Joshua Wayne with us for a few days. He is so much fun, and we've loved having him hanging around. It was sad to Stetson and Whitney go, but what fun we had with them too!

Well, tonight is New Year's Eve and we're having a party with friends here at our house. Josh, Joseph and Jesse will be over at the Stake Center (this is a Church building) for a Youth Celebration, and the rest of us will be here banging the pots and pans at midnight! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Happy New Year's!

P.S. For any of you that know my brothers, you've got to see this post at Zuttozoom. It's hilarious, and made all of the rest of us jealous that we couldn't be there!

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Happy happy anniversary and new years and everything rapped up into one.