Monday, May 2, 2016

Show Choir and Blue Legacy Concerts

This week was a week of shows and concerts.

On Monday and Tuesday we got to go see Peter and Becca perform in the FX Show Choir.  The director of choreography, our across the street neighbor and friend, Gaigh, is finishing her last year with FX after ten years!  We love her so much and are so grateful for everything she has done.  At this last concert, they showed video clips of some of the past dances, and we had someone in almost every single one.  We missed the first year, but after that we've had someone in the Show Choir for the next eight years.  We didn't have any of our children in it this year, but Becca was, so we feel like that counted!  Peter was in 2 different side acts - one with the MAD Boys, where they sang "So Happy Together", and also another act where Connor and Sam sang "Hello" by Adele, with high voices after sucking in Helium from balloons.  Peter's job was to sit in the back of the stage and fill the balloons with Helium.  It was a fun concert!
Becca doing a solo.
Sarah, Peter, Travis and Eliza.
Peter and Becca after the show.
Peter was also invited to participate in the Blue Legacy dance concert.  Blue Legacy is the girls dance team at the high school.  The Middletones sang Breakfast at Tiffanys.
Pictured are Isaac, Ethan, Ryan (behind Ethan), Connor (an add-on for this number), Eric, Neal, Peter and Ryan.
And then the Mad Boys sang two songs - Lullaby and So Happy Together.
Picture are Matthew, Ethan, Kevin, Travis, Gunnar, David, Peter, Connor and Rylie.

Blue Legacy also did a partner dance where each girl chose a guy to dance with, and Peter danced with Sarah.
Eliza is another good friend.
Cute picture of Libby and Bruce
Last Sunday we went over to Gerard and Michelle's for dinner.  Kevin and Mary and Becca got to come with us too.  It was extra special because Natalie and Michael are visiting from Switzerland with their little son Michael.  We had a wonderful dinner of gourmet burritos and then sat in the beautiful backyard and talked for hours.  The next day I was at the local grocery store and ran into Michelle and Natalie.  That was the weirdest experience to see Natalie there especially - one day she's in Switzerland, and the next day she's in the grocery store!  It's really fun to have family so close that this happens.

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