Monday, May 30, 2016

Last Week of School!

We sure have missed Jesse this past week!  She loves to clean out and de-clutter, and she would have been in hog heaven this week at our house.  Bruce actually went out and helped the garbage man this week, because it is three weeks in a row that we've had six garbage cans on the curb instead of one.  And Jerica has made a DI trip two weeks in a row with her car loaded with stuff to donate.  We have saved some stuff - which is gathering in stacks in the shop in the garage.  Lots of STUFF!  What's left in the house is the bare essentials, and it's so nice just to have that.  I have taken lots of pictures of things - thank goodness for digital cameras.  I hug the thing, take a picture and say, "Thank you for serving me all this time.  Good bye!"  It is liberating indeed!

Here are some things I have of which I have fond memories:

 I did this cross-stitch back in high school.
 Remember Gunny Bag?!

Breakaway Ballroom had their end of the year concert for families.  They showed off some of the dances they are learning already for next year.

Libby and Peter had their Last Day of School this week!  Libby had a fun Extravaganza, and then the next morning had an 8th grade breakfast, at which I helped serve.  We then went to the Awards Ceremony, where Libby got the PE Award from her teacher, as well as the Science Award!

 Congratulations, Libby!  She, Elizabeth, and Ellie all wore the same outfit - their blue honor choir t-shirt and black pants, for the last day - and then forgot to take a picture!  Haha  But the memory is there!

Can I just say, that I had a little Celebration because we are done with MIDDLE SCHOOL!!  Haha!

We had the annual water fight and it was a great success!  Lots of neighbors and friends.  We took two stock watering troughs down to the neighbors and filled them there instead of at our house.  And we took lots of buckets and containers and it made for a long, very wet water fight.  It was actually on the warm side!  No rain or clouds, which hasn't happened in many years.  I don't have any pictures, unfortunately, because we are busy getting people wet, not taking pictures!

Becca graduated from high school this week!  Congratulations, Becca!

I love this picture of Mary and Bailey too.
Saturday we had the Street Dance!  We had very sparse numbers.  I don't know if it's because we advertised it late or the fact that it was Memorial Day Weekend, but not many people came. However, we still had a great time!  My favorite moment was during the dance when we were standing there talking to Jay and Leah, and all of a sudden a grey car pulls up, and this kid is hanging out the window with a grin on his face, waving, and my brain finally registered that the grey car was the Impala and the kid was Joshua Bruce!  Yeah!!!  He surprised me!  He told me he couldn't come home this weekend, despite all the reasons to come, because he was stressed and too busy.  But that was all a cover up.  I was so glad to see him!  I just hugged and hugged him for a long time!  He brought Santi, he and Joseph's roommate, with him, so we've had fun having Santi here too.  I love having all my children at the Street Dance.  They are the most fun people to dance with!  They all showed off some great dance moves, both contemporary and a good deal of Ballroom and Latin!  SO FUN.

My birthday was fun!  I am a youngin' still at only 49!  I still have half my life left to live.  It's great to be 49 - seriously.  I love it.  Never had a better time of life.  The family came in and sang to me, and Bruce fixed a delicious breakfast AND a delicious dinner!  I got to take a long Sunday nap, and we had visits from Greg and Rachelle and family, and a nice walk down the street.  Scrolling through the Facebook birthday wishes was a treat.  To think of so many friends and family that are so kind to me warmed my heart.  I truly have so many people that I love dearly.  I think of the bouquet of beautiful people that are a constant stream in my life, and I am overwhelmed by the deep blessing I have had all my life of being surrounded by wonderful, exemplary human beings.  So kind and good. This has been my lot all my life, and continues to be so.  I give all the credit to God, and glory in his goodness and mercy to me, and to all of His children.

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