Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Memories

I love the month of May!

My niece Gwenaelle came home from her mission in Georgia this week!  It was wonderful to be at the airport to have her come home.  It readily brings tears to the eyes!

Libby sang this week in three different choirs for her middle school choir festival.  She sang with the 8th grade choir, the 8th grade Girls Chorale, and the Honor Choir.  I watched her direct her fellow choir members on where to meet, and heard her account of making sure everyone got placed right in rehearsal for when they got up onto the stage.  Libby is becoming a leader!  She really cares about choir and put a lot of effort and work into doing her best.  Thanks to Nic Mobley who got this picture from the sound and light booth!
On Wednesday Mary came home and she and Kevin went out and got their engagement pictures taken!  I got to tag along - it was fun!  Thanks to Jared and Sophia who did a fabulous job.

Joseph came home from college with Mary because of this:

Well, I thought about putting the picture in of his swollen tonsils, but decided against it!  ha ha!

But what you need to know is it was painful!  After a mis-diagnosis on Thursday, or actually half a diagnosis, we took him back in on Saturday and ended up in the Emergency Room.  The doctor there ordered a blood test instead of just a throat swab, and found mononucleosis in addition to strep throat.  Mary had this just a month ago also!  My goodness.  They put Joseph on Prednisone, in addition to the Penicillin that he was already on, and on late Saturday and Sunday, he finally started to see some improvement.  I was very grateful for the drugs!  He is doing much better now, thanks to many prayers!

On Saturday night, Shawn and Janel, along with Justin, Camille, Lauren and Kate arrived and we had a wonderful dinner over at Gerard and Michelle's.  How fun to be with family and visit and talk and laugh.  Sunday morning, Bruce made breakfast for all of us, and we got to laughing about the turn off on I-84 to go down to Ogden instead of going straight and getting to Pocatello.  Obviously the turn off has been missed by at least one person in both families (I won't say who...), and we laughed about how there should be flashing lights around the sign, a "pre-sign", and a turn-off after the real turn-off where we could add a cone of shame on the top of the car.  It was a classic, laughter filled morning that will be remembered for a long time!

Gwenaelle had her homecoming yesterday morning.  She gave a wonderful talk on gratitude, and how her mother taught her to find 3 things every day that she was thankful for.  I got to hold Collin during her talk so Natalie could sit and listen.  She leaned over to Joseph and said, "I'm free!".  Haha  Both Natalie and Nicole are such wonderful mothers of Collin and Emma.  Collin fell asleep finally (after a lot of coaxing) in my arms.  It's really fun to be a Great Aunt!

Sunday night was the highlight of the day, when this wonderful daughter of ours Skyped us!

We had some trouble trying to get Kevin (who is in Texas) on at the same time.  We finally gave up and just had Kevin listen in.  How fun to be able to see and hear Jesse!!!  Oh, how we love that girl.  She had had a discouraging week, so she got lots of kind and wise words from Kevin, Joshua and Joseph.  She is such a wonderful missionary - sometimes you just need a hug and some kind words, "You are doing awesome and just what the Lord wants you to do!"  I felt like telling her that over and over.  :)  At one point she went through and repeated a description that she had told someone about her family.  She went through and described each person beautifully and uniquely.  It was actually a really emotional call, and when she bore her testimony about how much she missed us all, but how worth it her work was and her love of the Lord, we were just silent.  We couldn't even say a word.  Finally Bruce spoke up and told her how much we loved her!  I was SO grateful for the opportunity to see and talk to her.  She is a most beloved daughter!

Jesse also had everyone go around and say what they had learned from me.  Wow!  That was wonderful too.  Bruce and I also said what we had learned from our mothers.  Mine was that I had learned to serve from my Mother, and Bruce's was similar.  It was the crowning moment of my Mother's Day!

Here are some pictures of Jesse and her zone working at a shelter for the homeless and battered women and children.

Peter scored a goal in his soccer game!  It was supposed to be a cross, but the goalie reached up to grab it, and it went through his hands and into the goal.  Josh and Mary drove up just in time to see it!
One time during the game, a player came on rough and kicked Peter in the shins and he ended up on the ground.  Peter called out in his custom vocal voice, "OOOOkay".  Haha  It's hard to write, but it sounded pretty funny.

Josh had a great time this weekend talking to Leah and Gerard about his research paper.  His topic is the role that religion and morality played in the French Revolution and the American Revolution.  It's a great topic, and he got great help from these wonderful people.

Bruce and I spent one afternoon chasing cows all over the pasture.  There is a reason cowboys use horses to cut cows instead of a 4-wheeler and a woman on foot.  But it was accomplished!  When you have the most determined husband on the planet when it comes to cows, then things happen that appear impossible.  Bruce is that husband.  These are my (fake) Crocs after running through the goatheads...  Oh, those little things are buggers.

Can we sing, "Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb....." !  There is also a reason why cowboys wear cowboy boots.

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