Monday, April 18, 2016

Mary's Home

Mary got to spend a week at home during the break between Winter and Soring break at BYU-Idaho.  And that meant we got to see Kevin a lot too, which is a good thing.  He brings a happy and warm spirit with him.

They went to Jump Creek.

I love this picture of them.

Peter performed with the Middletones at a mini-Recital for the families.
Here's "Two Silhouettes on the Shade":
And "Breakfast at Tiffany's":

Josh is watching them perform.  He did a great job with these boys!
Josh will be sorely missed, and not just by us.  He made himself extremely valuable while he was here with everyone whom he interacted.  The lawyer he worked for, Clint, even extended him the job while he was away, so Josh will do the same work over the phone.  The Middletones and Mad Boys will certainly miss him, as will Devin, the friend that Josh would hang out with twice a week.  It's a wonderful thing when you contribute such that the world is a better place because you were there.

Joseph had an incredible week with these people.  He was with this group as part of being a mentor for Get Connected, the freshman orientation program at BYU-Idaho.  He said it was wonderful to work with people where so much love was felt.  This post on Facebook had "Suuuure loooove ya" on it.  I wonder where that came from!  Hahaha
Libby got new glasses this week!
Peter and Libby performed with their Ballroom Dance Company at a local high school this week.  After some questionable dances by the high school team, it was so refreshing to see these teens come out with the Waltz and the Lindy!  I'm really grateful they have such a quality program to work with.

Becca went to prom with Connor.  Mary went over and helped Becca do her hair.  It was gorgeous.  No, she is gorgeous!
One last photo before Josh and Mary go off to school.  Becca barely missed the photo.  She had been with us earlier, but then went to get a Reccomend for her Patriarchal Blessing!  
And now, at least at home, the family of eight has dwindled down to four!  A family selfie after evening prayers.
That's actually a good thing.  Peter and Libby finally get some attention after all these years!
We're so grateful we made the brave move (at least it seemed like that at the time) to have two more children after the whirlwind of the first four.  Take note parents of young children:  at our age, you will be very grateful to have more children left at home!  If you feel you can care for them, don't stop.  It's a wonderful blessing for us to have Peter and Libby at home.

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