Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jamming in July

At the last minute, we found out our friends Greg and Rachelle and family were going camping with Clint and Lori, so we asked if we could go along, and they said yes.  Clint also invited a friend from work, and he came along with his two kids.  Camping with Clint is a treat - he has everything you could think of for supplies!

Bruce and Libby - a favorite spot for both.  :)
The next Monday we got pictures of Jesse in California!  She and her MTC companion are in an almond grove.

Mary got the special opportunity of singing in an inter-faith choir as a backup to the Nashville Tribute Band.  They did a special concert in our city, and after the rehearsal, Mary got a picture with John Deere, the lead singer and songwriter.  I love this guy!  He is amazingly talented and doing a wonderful work for the Lord.
And Marie Osmond came to sing in the concert as well, so Mary got a picture with her too!  Holy cow!  We had to try to explain to the kids how famous Donny and Marie are.  ;)  I have to admit that I haven't had the highest opinion of Marie Osmond in the past, but she really performed beautifully in this concert and her testimony of the Savior was spirit-filled.  One of Mary's friends, Tanner, was at IHOP on the night of the concert, and he said that at about 11:30 pm, Marie came into the restaurant to eat and paid for the meals for everyone in the restaurant.  Cool!
Here we are at the actual concert of the Nashville Tribute Band.  Wonderful concert!  We love these guys.

Joshua and Joseph came home!  They both got 4.0's this semester at BYU-Idaho.  Way to go boys!  And that is on top of playing soccer, singing in Apollo and Concert Choir, and playing hard with the Boys in apartment 316.  They had a great semester!
We have a traditional Sunday breakfast that Bruce makes, and when we have most of the family home, the one missing gets their picture put up.  We miss Jesse!
Peter turned 15!  Happy birthday to this great kid! He was gone on High Adventure with the Young Men for half of his birthday, but when he got home, Josh and Joseph took him to see Ant Man, along with Libby.  They really enjoyed the movie!  Joseph took him out to the trestles another day with his friends Seth and McCoy.  And Mary bought him Little Ceaser's on one day and then took him out to Panda Express on another day.  Talk about royal treatment!  AND took him shopping for clothes too.  What a great sis!
The night before our pack trip, Josh went through the house and dragged everyone up to the roof to see the sunset.  (Mary was out flitting, so she wasn't home).  If you were to ever see a picture and be homesick, this would be the one.  :)  Sorry, Jesse!  Lots of good memories up on that rooftop!

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