Sunday, July 19, 2015

Family Reunion - Mom's Side of the Fam

After dropping Jesse off at the MTC, we traveled directly to a family reunion on my side of the family.

On Wed night, Josh and Joseph had a rehearsal for their a Capella group Apollo, and we got to sit in and hear them practice Come Thou Fount.  It was wonderful!

What handsome boys!

The next morning, cousins got to play at the park together.

And the big boy got to swing!

This is one of my favorite pictures of the reunion.  One day we went to another local park and spent the morning there eating breakfast and playing games.  I caught a moment with Conal sitting talking to Dad.

It poured rain that morning, but we huddled in blankets and behind tarps and went on with events as planned!  Eventually it stopped enough for us to play games.

Bruce, Libby, Garrison and Bruce were the finalists of the Alligator Rhythm game.

And Bruce came out the victor.
Treasure hunt prizes for Carson and Libby.
And Peter...
And Jackson.
Puzzle game!

Josh and Joseph coming from their Concert Choir rehearsal.

Libby, Hailey and Alyssa (and photo bomb by Alexia!)
Peter, Ethan and Garrison
We had the privilege of attending Carson's baptism during the reunion.  What a special occasion to have Rodney baptize him.  We took advantage of the Sunday attire to get family pictures.

Conal & Monique's family
Rodney and Angelina's family
And us, well, part of us!  Jesse was in the MTC, of course, and Mary had to stay home and work.  We missed them both!  (Wow - check out the yellow sandals!)  ha ha ha
We had a wonderful reunion!  Thanks to Craig and Jenette for planning it!

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