Sunday, February 2, 2014

From Sepia Tones to Full Color

I took Mom and Dad to the Airport early in the week.  They are off to Arizona!
Mom got tired of the inversion and there were empty seats on the plane, so off they went!  They will get to see Risa, hopefully, their newest granddaughter!

On Wednesday, Peter has his first basketball game!  He is playing on the Middle School "C" team. 
The highlight of the game was the 3 pointer that Peter made from the right side!  It was awesome!  He was grinning so much that even when they came back from the half, he was still grinning from ear to ear!

On Thursday, we FINALLY saw this beautiful golden orb in the BLUE sky!
Someone on Facebook said that it had been 27 days since we've seen the sun.  I'm not sure that's the exact number, but it was pretty close.  It had been weeks and weeks.  When the sun came out, it felt like the landscape had gone from sepia tones to color.
 The sky is so lovely when it is blue and the clouds are white instead of grey!

Mary performed on Saturday with her Ballroom Dance Team!
They also did other numbers to Boogie With Me and Rockin' Robin.  Mary did a great job!  Her Young Women's Leader Lori came to watch her perform, which was so thoughtful.

We were at a "Kids Expo" for the performance, and one of the booths was called the "Reptile Handlers".  Here's what resulted from that!

It was creepy!

Peter was up snowboarding all day, or he might have been in those pictures too.  He got a PR of 19 seconds on his race!

Today, a lady came up to me at Church from the neighboring ward and said her name was such and such, and she was from Mendoza, Argentina!  I immediately through my arms around her and hugged her.  How fun is that!
If all argentinos are like her, I can see why Joseph is loving it so much!  She is from the city of Mendoza, proper.  The missionaries knocked on the door of their home when she was 7 years old.  She married an American elder who was serving a mission at the same time she serving a mission.

Well, in a few hours we're going to go hear about the boundaries in 6 of the wards of our stake!  Not us though - our ward is the only one that is staying the same.  I'm happy for that.

We had a wonderful meeting in Relief Society about families.  It gave me renewed motivation about what I can do as a mother to keep our family strong and bonded.  I keep thinking about Elder Quentin L. Cook saying in the this last General Conference, "How we preserve time for family is one of the most significant issues we face in most cultures."  I know that it is a very significant issue in our family.  We have to carve out the time and preserve it from many intruding influences.

I think of this more right now as we are down to less than 3 weeks from when Josh will come home, and we'll have more of our family together than we've had in awhile!  Can't wait!!

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