Sunday, February 23, 2014

Welcome Home Elder Joshua!

He's HOME!

We put Elder Hamster because it's a family inside joke...

We got to the airport an hour early, because I didn't want a repeat of Bruce's parents not being there at the airport when he got off of his mission, so I made sure we got there on time.  Oh my word it is so fun to look at that picture above and see Joshua in it!!  SO FUN!!

Tori drove out with us.  She and Jesse planned it so that Tori would drive our car home and we could all get in the van and drive home together.  How thoughtful is that!

Rachelle and Greg and their children all came out to the airport - even that late at night!

Jesse made it from Provo 5 MINUTES before he got off the plane.  She prayed that the plane would be delayed and indeed it was!

When we finally saw him through the doors walking towards us, well, it's hard to describe in words how happy we were!

 Laren and Caralee came to the airport just in time as well!  So nice of them to come!

 This is a picture Caralee wanted to show Jancen... and his roomates...
After we left the Airport, a visit to Taco Bell was in order!
This is one boy that is very happy to see his Dad (and vice-versa)!

When we got home, Joshua came home and listened to Libby, Mary and Jesse play the piano.
 He handed out souveniers also, which included machetes and a HUGE hammock!
 He had 75 ties!
After the end of a long night, this is where these two ended up.
Isn't that where the child in all of us wants to be?

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